Being short is not what I would call – NOT what it has cracked UP to be.  I have seen plenty of funny videos about short people on…. but I take no offense, I understand how hard it must be for tall people to actually feel like they fit in with the rest of us. So they must try and make us feel bad about being short. You have to feel sorry for them don’t you?

Short people have more fun

Short people have more fun



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4 Thoughts on “For those of us that are short people

  1. What if you are average size????

  2. Actually, I find shorter guys (I’m 6′) very cute (for the most part).

  3. Being ~6’2” ish, I have been told I am tall. Looking back on it, most if not all my friends were shorter than myself, however I never noticed it. Friends were friends, and I didn’t notice height, sex, race, etc. I wish it was this way for the rest of the world.

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