I have a lot of mixed feelings about the Martin trial, the deceitfulness from the Martin family (showing the pictures of Trayvon and others as little boys) and the racism they created surrounding it. But several have emailed me wanting to know what I think. It took me awhile to sort my feelings and be able to put my thoughts into words.

The fact that Martin’s FB showed he was a thug and hater, and the fact that ‘Stand Your ground’, at least in my opinion was not used properly since Zimmerman was not protecting his home, or belongings.  ‘Stand your Ground’ was made for those protecting property and life on their own property. The defense then changed their plea to self-defense.

Because of that I have to believe the jurors saw things the public did not see, and acquitted a Mexican man for the death of a black MAN. Because anyone bashing my head in would get the same thing if I would have had a gun, it wouldn’t matter what RACE. Obviously because he had a ‘white’ name he was marked as white even though his mother was not white. That is totally wrong, that is my humble opinion, as a Native American Indian.

Since it was proven Zimmerman’s head was being bashed in, (which means Martin would have been on top of him) I can only think of self defense against a 6 foot 3 MAN. Juveniles are charged with murder as an adult as low as the age of 10 making Martin an Adult in many minds. Zimmerman should not have trailed Martin, and Martin should not have attacked Zimmerman with deadly force. Self defense should have been the plea, and it was, regardless of what the Martin family wants you to believe.

Worse yet the racist movement on both sides are now using it as a line to draw more members into their fold. This causes more racism and hate. Thank you Martin family for making American more racist and taking us back 40 years to a terrible time for blacks. You are bringing us to the verge of a Civil war once more by what I have read on the web.

The same week as the trial verdict was read, two black teenagers killed a homeless man in Florida (race unknown), another black woman who obviously was protecting herself was given 20 years for firing 6 rounds into the air and frightened off her abusing spouse. A white soldier with two years in Iraq was murdered by at least two if not four blacks. None of these got national headlines, just a few local ones and a little Internet publicity. And over 1000 others have died by guns since then… yet none made national headlines. My cousin was murdered on November 24th 2012, she was 10 years old, she did not make national headlines either!

This is tragic. I do not side with either. If you can’t register in your head all the details of a trial, then you have no business judging, God will take care of that. I rest my case.

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