I must be on a roll today, probably because Paul is tired… as always…. which makes me feel alone…. poor me. End of pity party.

So that put me in a mood….. so here it is, everything you never wanted to know about the guy you kiss with a beard (or woman for that matter) I mean it is like kissing a toilet bowl except warmer. My gosh I been telling people for years I didn’t want to kiss because of their germs, I have enough of my own (I am referring to teeth not beards I HAVE NO BEARD or hair growth for that matter.)

So look at this famous Robert DeNiro that almost all the ladies would love to kiss, he is handsome and rich they say… um okay but even at that he has a poopy face! Read this and you will find out I am telling the truth. Poor girls, poor guys too if they are kissing one.

Things you didn’t want to know about beards

Robert DeNiro

Robert DeNiro

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