No doubt we all love food. These days it seems most people go to a fast food restaurant, become obese and live that way the rest of their lives. I am far from obese but of course I don’t like to eat in the first place. I guess that is a problem on it’s own.

When I go eat I love foods with flavor. Veal Parmesan and other recipes on here show that the foods I eat have a lot of favor. I hope you try them all instead of sticking your nose(s) up!

This one is Veal Parmesan. Be watching for the next recipe this month!


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2 Thoughts on “Easy Veal Parmesan

  1. pauly10 on January 21, 2017 at 10:15 am said:

    That looks tasty, veal is really expensive over here though. What other meat could you use?

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