I love doggies. I hope you do too. I am sure you have many stories to tell about your doggie, or doggies that have passed. Precious they are

Doggies and Attitude

Doggies and Attitude

in our hearts. I am sure you noticed though, that sometimes  doggies can get an attitude.

For instance they start running around the house like they lost it, jump all over you. You think they have to go out. you open the door, they stare at you, then run around again. Apparently they don’t have to go out. You sit back down, they jump all over you, using you as a springboard to jump all over the furniture, they run into the bedroom and jump up and down on the bed.

You think they are hungry. They are not, and they continue this 50 mile an hour dash through the house. Then you get on the floor, down to their level and they come and cuddle you. All they wanted was your attention.

But what about the attitude? Give me give me… I want the ball, I want the pillow, I want my toy, don’t throw it stupid play tug with me. Give me your beef jerky!

Sometimes they are not very polite but they are always loving.

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