I have added something, to the fan art page, for those of you that insist what I depict in Saving Tomorrow is my imagination. My writing comes from dreams whether you believe that or not. Just yesterday someone told me things about Grapes of Rome that not even I noticed before.

Now here is a photo of a rock. not just any rock mind you.These small spheres about an inch or so in diameter, with three parallel lines traced along the sides, have been dug up for many years by miners in South Africa. The kicker here is that the rock they are found in, Precambrian, is dated back 2.8 billion years. So believe me or not, man is older than you can ever imagine.spheres

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2 Thoughts on “Did pre Cambrian Man exist?

  1. They look like old cricket balls. Maybe they were left behind by aliens or even by time-travelling archaeologists who wanted to play a prank on their friends 🙂

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