dentist1I am almost 26. I lost most my teeth when I was 14. So this year the dentist says it is time to get you a full set of teeth. I have been without them for so long that today I asked him if I could eat nuts. He said I could. I said can I eat sunflower seeds. He said I could. I was quiet while they were preparing the plastic teeth (a mold).

Then he put them in my mouth and I gag. He pulls them out right away and proceeds to grind them on a machine.

I am looking forever at the table they prepared. It looks like something out of the Stone Age (photo 1). Notice the Bunsen burner looking thing and the green lighter. I asked the doctor’s helper if those things were going to be used on me. He assured me they weren’t. I didn’t believe him. So I took a photo for evidence. Then the doctor stuck the fake teeth in my mouth again. I gagged a little but not hardly was much as the first time.

dentist2Then with his back to me the doctor took my teeth and started the Bunsen burner. Turned his back to me so I couldn’t see what he was doing!

I took another picture. He turns and looks and me and smiles, I said what is so funny? He said no one will believe those were taken in a dentist’s office.

I sat back in the chair. I grinned, I said “I have over 100,000 readers, I guarantee they will believe me!”

Diabolical Dentists!

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4 Thoughts on “Diabolical Dentist visit with photos

  1. Wow, they look like something from medieval times…and you say the UK is in the stone age 😛

  2. I went through the same thing when I had partials made. I totally panicked when they put the plaster in my mouth! I have to go in tomorrow for a cleaning (which I hate), so good timing, Remmy!

  3. You have my sympathy. I was in a Motorcycle wreck with a police car in 1986, which resulting in breaking my jaw in 5 places and removing multiple teeth. Mouth was wired shut until the jaw mended and then it was time for a lot of dental work. Through the years one of the bridges kept breaking, a four tooth bridge became five, then six, and finally seven. When the seven tooth bridge broke I had had enough so went to implants. So through the years I have spent a huge amount of times in a dental office. It is certainly not fun but when it is all over and done with it is nice to be able to eat. However, xrays make me look like Jaws in the James Bond movie.

    I hope you have good luck with your teeth.

    PS. My dentist always goes to another room to use his diabolical toys out of my view.

  4. Mel Leach on October 28, 2015 at 4:53 am said:

    Scary!! Is that a dentist office or a dungeon. #ImplementsOfTorture.

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