Conspiracy for Murder

Steven Fritchie’s first novel is out now! You can get it on Kindle or Amazon. It is a murder mystery which involves a cult bent on world domination. Detective James Gladd is called upon to solve the murder of a tire tycoon. What he discovers is secrecy, politics, and occultism. He is helped by an eccentric wanna be detective and another detective who is working on the murder of a male prostitute, which is linked to Gladd’s case.

Be sure to get your copy now. This is a mystery that may have more in common with reality that you may realize.

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1 thought on “Conspiracy for Murder

  1. Remmy Meggs

    Detective stories, you love them or hate them… in this case, I was in between. A single man with the help of a couple of friends takes on the ‘Illuminati’ by accident. Dire consequences for everyone involved. They need to get rid of this nosy Los Angeles detective and quickly. Since he is not a superhero, anything can go, and it does.

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