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I just published Chapter 14 of Aarons Motorcycle. See how two boys make a life time friendship with all the pressure most could not aaronsmotorcycleendure! Sexual situations and some violence. Aaron’s Motorcycle

From Chapter Fourteen: For some reason the doctor kept asking about my old friend that molested me. Wanting to know details. I told him everything. No I did not enjoy it, no it was not fun, no he didn’t penetrate by behind, yes his weight hurt my pelvic area most of the time. I even told him he called me his favorite pillow. Why didn’t I complain? Well duh, I did complain that is why he was sent away. After three weeks of that, he told me I did not have to come back, but to call on him if I needed to. He never asked one thing about the brainless body at the restaurant. It is not that I had nightmares about it, but sometimes the image would creep into my head.

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