In past posts I have stated that editing a book is never done. There is always someone who can find an error. A faithful reader actually found an error in Grapes of Rome. Traumatizing. Mason7751 found a legitimate error in the book. Thank you! Now I go to fix the error, and I find four Read More →

A review should not tell the story, although the plot itself is okay… but I have found that each person that has reviewed my books has taken something with them, and in all cases, I did not even see it. Their reviews were outstanding. Be honest with your review, did the book make you laugh, Read More →

Most writers, including the good ones commit suicide. My head shrink says that is not true, but yet he tells me many do. Why would they do something like that? They are the only ones with the universe at their fingertips! I have some ideas why. Followers: over the years I have built a readership Read More →

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