I saw a T-shirt, and I saw this boy, and I had to share both with you. Also to tell you about Diane at she has a nice website and talks about her family and other great things, including dogs. Check out her blog you just might like it. +48

Parents are always so smart. Of course when I was a kid they weren’t so smart, but after a lot of education I finally got them to be bearable. Once trained parents can be fun, mischievous, funny, and even cooperative. Amazing what a few years of rules can do for a parent.  But parents, as Read More →

When I was growing up I really didn’t think of girls… or guys, some of my peers did and they were always bragging about them or talking about sex stuff that I did not understand. I guess I was a late bloomer. Then I was told about gays I laughed my ass off, mostly in Read More →