One of the prettiest types of butterflies are the Blue Morpho butterflies.  Not only is this beautiful butterfly one of the most sought after by collectors, but also just looking at its metallic-like wings is mesmerizing.  While it appears that the Blue Morpho butterfly’s wings are metallic blue, they aren’t – the color is due Read More →

In my efforts to bring you unusual things, sometimes I scout the web for spider information. There is not much out there, so whatever I can bring to the table to gross you out, the better you are for it 😛 I wanted to know what spiders ate, besides human faces. I found this, spiders, Read More →

I present . You will see unusual things here, from posts on my books to discussing, human rights, children and their rights, animal rights, music and other things important to me like, the beauty of the earth, science, and those that cannot speak for themselves, maybe even articles, who knows I also have reviews Read More →

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