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Conquest Grapes of Rome Book 3 Chapter 5 5 (3)

With Dante severely wounded, and losing a lot of blood, Ettore takes command of the legions. No one is more qualified than Dante, but no one else would dare lead against several armies of Goth and Gaul. As Dante tries to recover he is informed that to save his life Anthony had to do the unthinkable. Marcella and Lucius show up on the battlefield.  Nothing is as it seems for the undaunted Dante.

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StevenF Review of Foundations 5 (3)

Remmy Meggs’ latest novel is Foundations: Grapes of Rome. It is the second book in a series based on the life of the Praetorio family of the Roman Republic. In this book, Don Dante and his family face dangers from political rivals to acts of nature. As he starts to mature into manhood, Don Dante also falls in love.

The familiar characters such as Anthony, Ettore, and Naevius are still in the book, as well as some new characters. Hayden is a young boy who along with his mother are employed by the family. Atticus, Dante’s Goth bodyguard, Lucius, a boy soldier, and Marcella, Dante’s fiance are all introduced and given prominence in this book.

The characters are well-developed and realistic to the time period. Not only is a picture drawn of the characters, but of all aspects of Roman life. Mr. Meggs has a way of drawing his readers not only into the story, but is very good at presenting history in such a way that the reader not only is entertained but is taught about things he/she may never have imagined. I wholeheartedly encourage readers to pick up this book and enjoy the humor, horror, and history within this book. I rate it 5 stars out of 5.

Paul’s review of Grapes of Rome Book 2 5 (2)

This is a continuation of the excellent first book by Mr. Meggs and continues the story of young Dante the son of a Roman Senator who has shown himself to be a great warrior as he leads his army into battle. Don’t just think this is a story about war as it isn’t as there are lots of distractions along the way. It genuinely shows the angst a young man has as he is growing up, gaining an identity and finding love along the way. You will be intrigued as he learns how to deal with new emotions but also genuinely wincing as he inflicts the most brutal punishments to those who fight against him or hurt his friends. This is yet another 5-star rating that I couldn’t put down.

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