I was talking to some people who are very close to me today. I only have a few people who I call friends and probably a handful that are acquaintances. Not that I want it that way, it just is. I would like to have many more. I try to help my friends even if Read More →

Many of us may have heard the expression, “Life is an adventure” but how many of us actually live the sentiment behind that expression? Some of us may think that it means that some days are more exciting than others or that occasionally something good happens to us, i.e. we win the lottery, we find Read More →

I tell you what. Oops sorry, I am not from Texas. I have over 300 posts on this site and the number grows each week. In the past I have made a few posts about myself. Oddly I get the feeling that some people took them seriously, when in fact I was trying to get Read More →

I have made a Amazon wish list. it is now live on the site. Everything from computer stuff to music and clothing and shoes. Not that I wear much clothing but sometimes I do go to the doctor. Lucky me, two outfits a year is about all I need. I would like to talk about Read More →

Snow in April

Nothing like springtime in central New Mexico. The trees have leaves, the flowers are in bloom, at 6 AM the gardeners start cutting weeds and mowing the lawn. Then at 10:30 am Alice goes to get the mail and comes back and tells me it is snowing. It is April fools of course and I Read More →