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For Pauls Thirtieth Birthday 5 (3)

Happy Happy Birthday

Happy birthday to you!

Your bum may not stink

But your feet and shoes do!

Happy Happy Birthday

We wish you the best

May you get more gifts than the rest

Happy happy birthday

It’s your day today

So eat some jellied eel

And maybe some beef burgers

and some Brussel Sprouts too.

Remember to do all your posts

And we hope you were kind to the kids

‘Cause they need love too

Happy Happy birthday

It all comes around

We don’t want to say you’re old

But Mount Everest is bowing down

You are our favorite English boy

But you don’t look like old Prince Charles

You’re still young enough to get yourself a crown

Of hair, that is, before it is too late.

Happy birthday to you!

Remmy’s take on butt-faces 5 (3)

We all have one best friend or relative that seems to always be a butt-face. Well, I have a butt-face friend too and I want to point him out to you. His name is Paul, and since we were twelve and thirteen respectively he has always messed up just about everything. You know how they are, but you have to have them around to bring laughter and giggles to about every moment of your life. What would you do without your best friend being a butt-face?

My butt-face happens to be from England. Notice the clip has the British Broadcasting Company Logo on it.

We met when I was twelve, I am 29 now, and he is just shy of being the ripe old age 30. Don’t be afraid, he is a Science teacher (mostly physics) but he is even a butt-face about that.

It cost Paul’s father a fortune for plastic surgery. You can imagine putting eyes and a mouth and nose on that face of his. I mean a fortune, remember that big bank robbery in England? The only reason they let Paul’s dad go free is that they saw Paul and felt sorry for the man. (Okay not seriously but it is still funny.)

After all the surgeries. He still looks and acts the same. Oh it is okay with me, I am used to it, but boy to we get the stares when we go shopping. I always tell him it is because I am so short, but we know better.

So when you have a butt-face to deal with, just love them and hope for the best, after all you know you need them if for nothing else that laugh factor.

May 26, 2019, Gregs’ Treasure Map Cast First Day of Filming and Fundraising 5 (2) This is Niki’s update video for Greg Treasure Map feature film project fundraising. Please swing by our website and help our young actors achieve their goals by making a donation to their film project. Thank you for your support. Follow us on Instagram… Follow us on Facebook… Link to Gregs Treasure Map Production website… Link to Greg’s Treasure Map facebook fan page…

Lar’s Greg’s Treasure Map Update Video May 14, 2019 5 (3)

Shamefully I must admit I have never seen any of movies. After reading and hearing about the man who put it all together, Sterling Johnson, who has made many films over the years, I took a closer look.

I will let you look at their homepage and read it well, you will be surprised at what one man will do for a bunch of runny nose kids (OK that is an exaggeration because that only happens when they are in the wet and cold)

This month I could actually afford to donate to their cause, doing without beefburgers, beans and (cry) my ice cream, to afford it. So I donated. I hope you will find it in your heart to donate as well. I think it is a good cause.

Below, Lars Panchuk gives us an update on the next movie. IF you DO donate to the project let me know and I will feature YOU!

Growing up with a pain in the bum 5 (1)

Paul and Veggies

Paul and Veggies

None of us like all veggies. As a matter of fact, Popeye only ate spinach, some only eat corn. Not to be outdone, I didn’t like every vegetable out there. For instance, I couldn’t stand turnip greens, even the smell would make me gag, and there were a few others too. Yet I ate almost all my vegetables because I wanted a desert, which was NOT a meat pie! I for one could not imagine a roast beef dinner without onions, carrots, potatoes, and other good vegetables.

But not everyone is like me. Take Paul for instance (pictured on the left). We had to eat our veggies before we could go out and play. Instead of eating those wholesome veggies, he would play with them. Nerve wracking to say the least. I wanted to go swimming or ride my bike, and be done with my meal, he was still playing with the veggies, determined to wear out his dad’s patience and send him away. Paul will eat something called mushy peas. Oh my gosh, mushy peas? Why not just regular rolly peas you eat with whipped potatoes?

Although Paul will sometimes eat normal peas, about the only other veggie he will eat is mushy peas. Mushy Peas recipe just nasty. Add that to the fact the English call just about everything a pie, except for pies. Their favorite is meat pies. Give me a break. They mix everything up in a bowl and pour whipped potatoes over it, so there is no flavor of anything. Because most English do not eat vegetables, there are none in it. They serve a side of mushy peas. If you ever visit England do NOT order anything that says Pie on the menu, you will be sorely disappointed.

When I saw the gif below I thought of Paul, I watch this gif a lot because it so reminds me of Paul and all English people. Why? Because I have seen him do this! I am sure some of them eat good veggies as I do, but I have my doubts.

Growing up with a best friend 5 (1)

Paul my best friend since I was twelve seemed a little, no a lot odd to me. Always talking about sex as most thirteen-year-olds do. I think he was trying to gauge how interested I was. hmm. Regardless one-day mom was in our bathroom and spotted this. Oh, my word I can’t believe he left it out. Since I was the only one around, she asked me about it. Of course, Paul was my best friend so I did the best I could.