As most of you know, Paul and I have been together as best friends for years, since we were 12 years old. Well I was 12 years old, he was an old 13 and talked about S _ _ things a lot, it was embarrassing, and he would look at girls and guys he thought were cute and I would just turn red. But thinking about our past I remember the first time I gave him a mirror so he could comb his hair.

Understand, I cared about Paully no matter what he looked like. I mean after all he was MY best friend even though others claimed him through the years. I appreciate and love him just because through all his grumpiness he stayed with me. But here is a video of that mirror and the first time he saw himself in it… totally scarey.


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My best friend Paul, we have known each other from wee lads, went to the hospital last week. I was crushed. They told me he had acute appendicitis. So they operated. He was in a lot of pain. Lots of pain, so much pain he couldn’t call me for several days. Then he recuperated enough Read More →

I am not a car person. I will never be able to drive, so I have always wanted my best friend Paul to get the car of his dreams. He said he wanted a convertible, classy, awesome. I could imagine me riding around in that. He said he wanted low gas mileage. Even better then Read More →