It is not just action adventure movies I look at, although I know sometimes it seems like it. Aftermath is one of the movies that I have to wonder about. It is based on a true story, how true we will probably never know. It has Arnold Schwarzenegger (someone should shoot the guy that got Read More →

The last two Alien movies did not impress me, they were good but barely. I missed the action and adventure of the first movies. The last two were more scare fests, making Paul jump out of his skin, we had to replace it several times. Ridley Scott has made another one for his franchise, let Read More →

Life beyond earth… I have always thought that it would be a microbe that would destroy man. So far I have been right. In my book Changes I emphasis that. However it never occurred to me that it could come from space. I love imagination, thinking outside the box. I guess that is why I Read More →

I guess we can’t get enough of King Kong. I mean really now, he is just a bigger version of man. Honestly we need Kong in Africa, if he didn’t eat the other animals he sure would protect them. This movie has some serious actors in it, and I love the trailer, however I think Read More →

Right now Matt Damon is at the top and rightly so. His newest movie will also be at the top. This one I will add to my collection hands down. For centuries we have wondered why the Chinese were so afraid of the Mongols. What if they were not afraid of the Mongols, but something Read More →