Vampire Dog is a 2012 Canadian children’s movie following the adventures of Fang, a 600-year-old talking dog, that has been in the same family for generations. After moving to a new home 12-year-old Ace discovers that his grandfather has passed the dog onto him to be its caretaker. He soon realises that it is no Read More →

This movie is based upon Operation Dynamo, where allied troops were rescued from the beaches and harbours of Dunkirk following the Battle of France after they were cut off and surrounded by German troops. It was also remembered as one of the worst military disasters of WWII. The movie stars Harry Styles of One Direction Read More →

This movie is definitely one that you need to be aware covers gang culture, drug use, violence and foul language so if any of those offend don’t bother reading further. This movie is dark, like the Batman movies, as it follows a teenage boy (Bill Milner – Son of Rambow/Skellig), who gets shot as he Read More →

Wow this one is a historical action adventure based on a true story… as with any author, it depends on whose version of the truth you seek, including me. Starring  Charlie Hunnam, Sienna Miller, Tom Holland. This takes place in England and the Amazon Jungle. I am guessing before Indiana Jones by the trailer. I Read More →

I dunno if I will be able to handle this movie season with all these action movies coming out this spring and summer. I am not a fan of Tom Cruise, but I really enjoy watching Russell Crowe, both star in this um how should I put this, flagrant catastrophe of The Mummy franchise. Got Read More →