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Remmy’s review of Bone Tomahawk 5 (1)

Bone Tomahawk 19 February 2016 rated R for blood and guts. In the old west, in a peaceful town without Indians, a woman is kidnapped. The sheriff played by Kurt Russell, his old deputy, the husband, a gunslinger, and others decide to try and save the woman. a guide leads them and then he realizes they are following horrible murderers that are cannibals. He tries to warn them to no avail.

The cannibals are NOT American Indians, no they old-time cave dwellers that don’t even have a language. Everyone knows about them, but no one talks about them. I for one was not expecting the blood and gore I saw in this movie, so beware of that when you watch it.

The acting was great, the photography was great, the sound and editing were great, and the CGI was out of this world. Try not to puke, this has 99% of horror movies beat. The storyline? Well, only you can decide that!

I rate this 5 out of 5 stars.

Remmy’s review of Falling In love 4 (3)

Falling In Love 29 August 2019, TV-PG This made for television movie is, in a way about love. Luckily they save the kissing until the end. I wish sci-fi films did the same. With Christina Milan and contractor Adam Demos.

The movie is full of comedy from the start, and we see that Christina is hard-headed and wants to argue about everything. She is also clumsy, one of the fun parts is that they portray most New Zealanders (kiwi’s?) the same way. Just so you know, they are not all that bad, after all that is where Hobbits come from, or so I am told.

The film is shorter than most that we have reviewed lately coming in at 1:38 so you don’t really have time to fall asleep unless you are one of those people that fall asleep during any movie, and yes I know people like that.

I rate this 4 out of 5 stars, although it was good, it wasn’t my pint of bitters.

Remmy’s review of Ender’s Game 4.8 (4)

Ender’s Game 1 November 2013 rated PG-13. Wow, I saw this when it first came out at the theater and I can hardly believe it was that long ago. This is one of those movies that got mixed reviews, and I understand that. What I do not understand is people not realizing that war on a global nature has things none of us want to imagine. In history, the Persians, Romans and even the United States used little boys for war. The director Gavid Wood and the writer Orson Scott Card wanted us to remember that.

I for one am happy they did. It was nice to see a realistic war movie even though it verged on fantasy. The second thing about the movie, and the reason I went to see it was the fact that Harrison Ford (Colonel Graff) and Asa Butterfield (Ender Wiggin) were both leads in the film. I couldn’t miss that even if I wanted to.

Some people have told me that Card was a Mormon so they refused to see the movie. Others have told me because little kids were fighting they refused to see it. This sounds even worse than racism to me and that some people live in a bubble and do not realize what is going on in the real world. It does not matter how a writer or director is raised, what matters is the end product. History always repeats itself, and children, both boys, and girls are used in war.

Of course, any boy or girl raised right would not kill off an entire species and they wouldn’t send thousands of their own kind to die. This is a subplot of the greatest war movie I have ever seen. Ender goes through puberty in a rough way, not ready for war, but like any boy, he wants to do his duty.

Of course, the powers that be are not telling little Ender the truth. How else would they get a little boy to do what needs to be done? That too goes on to this day. I would rate this movie a 4 just because Asa Butterfield is in it. However, I rate this 5 stars out of 5 because of the truth.

StevenF Review of First Kill 4.5 (2)

The action film First Kill was released on July 21, 2017. Will (Hayden Christensen of Star Wars) takes his wife (Megan Leonard) and son Danny (Ty Shelton) out to the small town he grew up in so he can teach Danny how to hunt. They are made aware by the sheriff (Bruce Willis) of an escaped bank robber that may be in the area.

I enjoyed the story line and actors in this film. The story was engaging, there was some blood and a little gore. Ty Shelton played a lonely boy who has to learn about life very well. He acted just as a kid his age would be expected to. Bruce Willis was interesting as a bad guy. He kept you guessing, was he really bad or just pretending? Hayden Christensen was also believable.

There may have been one or two minor scenes that could have been cut or redone, but I still felt this was a good film. Oh, before I forget, there was some swearing. I give this 5 stars out of 5. It is well-worth watching again.

Remmy’s review of The Great Wall 5 (4)

The Great Wall, 17 February 2017 rated PG-13. We can see this wall from low orbit in space, and tourists flock to see its majestic wonder. We presume that the Great Wall was built to keep out the Mogol hoards, and indeed it was.

Yet if that were completely true, why did the wall travel so far? This isn’t any wall, the wall in most sections could house complete armies. Not much is said about the wall in Qin (chin) texts. The texts say what emporers built what section and that is about it. In reality, there was no reason for a wall of that magnitude. Especially one that caused a million deaths or more in just its construction.

This movie is based on a Qin perspective of the wall. and battles throughout the centuries that could have taken place. The acting was great, the action was non stop, the blood and some gore were over the top.

I rate this movie 5 out of 5 stars. The colors alone demand it. If you haven’t seen this, mark it and put it on your watch list.

Remmy’s review of Django Unchained 4 (4)

Django Unchained 25 December 2012, rated R. This blockbuster has a history most of you may not know about. The Django character was created in 1966, and the D is silent. Odd. The original was a spaghetti western to give grief to Clint Eastwood and Sergio Leone, the father of Spaghetti westerns.

This movie follows the same pattern, with a different cast. Bloody and the body count continues to rise, although not as high as its forerunners. Still, modern photography, CGI, and acting skills and Quentin Tarrantino put this as one of the better westerns.

This is a real shoot-em-up you will enjoy. I give it 4 stars out of 5 stars, and you will know many of the actors in it.

Remmy’s review of Gridlocked 4.3 (3)

Gridlocked 14 June 2015 Rated R – A young waning movie star with a bad attitude gets the dream job of working with the police department. A job that he really doesn’t want. He does get some excitement over it. Over the top excitement.

Now the cop that he is riding with is not just a cop. He is a badass from another time, a few years before he was part of a CIA (Unnamed) death squad that went bad. He retired of course. As the body count rises, all hope is lost. Lots of shooting, action, blood, and bad words, and a little gore just to bloody up things.

I rate this 4 out of 5 stars.

StevenF Review of Independence Day 4.8 (4)

The science fiction movie Independence Day was released on July 3, 1996. Aliens invade Earth and the President (Bill Pullman) calls upon the services of Captain Steve Hiller (Will Smith). When he is assigned to area 51, Hiller meets a theoreticist (Jeff Goldblum) and a scientist (Brent Spiner) who believes he can communicate with the aliens.

I admit I enjoy a good sci-fi movie and this was very well done. There was plenty of action and some decent acting. The choice of Will Smith, however, as the main character was not exactly the best, but he was considered hot at the time of the film. Brent Spiner was an interesting choice for a nutty scientist since he had just come from StarTrek:The Next Generation television series. I’m a fan of Jeff Goldblum and thought he was very good. Randy Quaid as an eccentric cropduster was also memorable.

The story line flowed very well and the directing was excellent. The CGI was also outstanding. I give this 4.5 stars out of 5.

Remmy’s review of The Mummy Returns 5 (3)

The Mummy Returns, 4 May 2001, rated PG-13. The original The Mummy! was written by a Science fiction writer (at the time there was no such word as science fiction 1827). Imagine a modern horror classic written in 1827. The writer was a woman by the name of Jane C. Loudon, 1807-1858.

To me, Freddie Boath (Alex) is the star of this film. Like so many children who make movies, over the top Freddie makes The Mummy Returns light, realistic, funny, serious as a cucumber and fun. Not before or since has the franchise done so well. Oddly Hollywood forgets these kids way too soon. A forerunner to Ty Simkins in Jurassic World, who did the same thing in that movie.

Also in the movie is Brendan Frasier as the dad. Rachel Weisz as the mother, John Hannah as the Uncle, Oded Fehr as, well as can be expected. There is a slew of other cast members.

Since I did not live in that age of Pharaohs, I have to assume this was well thought out, and it seems very realistic from what *I* know, which isn’t a lot. I do have my doubts about the princess and the Pharoah’s wife being guards in a tomb for twelve hours a day… nope not happening. Yet there are over one hundred and forty plot errors in it if you want to take the time and count then.

We, on the other hand, talk about the movie and not the errors. Other than that I found no problems with the film and I enjoyed it. 5 out of 5 stars from me.

Remmy’s review of Avatar 4.7 (3)

Avatar, 18 December 2009, rated PG-13. When I first saw the 2 hours and 42-minute playtime of the movie, I thought for sure that Kevin Coster was in it. It was very long for any movie. I have heard several opinions of this movie, some saying it was a Custers Last Stand remake and other such nonsense.

It was not. I suppose if you take the movie out of context you can come up with different things, like the United States attacking Japan in World War Two, or the Romans descending on Gaul (we call it France now.) Those heathens right? Nope. Although the Gaul did attack many Roman villages until the Romans got fed up with the murder and theft.

No, this movie stands on its own. Beautiful colors, beautiful sets, great artwork, directing, For a list of most of its awards follow this link

This is an original film, nothing compares to it. I rate it 5 out of 5 stars.

I do not have my normal video of this because Disney/FOX blocked it on copyright violation both are Chinese owned. Please tell Disney/FOX they are out of line. Sony Also Chinese/Japanese does the same thing so please tell them how displeased you are!