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StevenF Review of Inkheart

The American/British/German movie Inkheart was released on January 23, 2009. What would you say if you discovered that your father had the ability to bring characters from a story to life…literally? Meggie (Eliza Bennett) is caught up in her father’s search for a rare book. Mo (Brendan Fraser) finds a copy of the book, but he also finds adventure when a character from the book asks for his help to get back.

This film is filled with great actors such as Helen Mirren (great-aunt Elinor), and Andy Serkis (Capricorn). The location (Liguria, Italy) and photography were overwhelming and the story flowed quite nicely. There was enough action and adventure to keep the audience engrossed as the story unfolded. Helen Mirren was funny as the eccentric great-aunt and Andy Serkis was a truly evil villain. The film was rated PG, so there was no foul language and no traumatic scenes which might terrify children.

I did do a review of this film a couple years ago, but apparently it was lost in a computer crash. At that time, I believe that I gave this film a 4, but after watching it again, I am going to give it 5 stars out of 5. It is appropriate for all ages and does not talk down to children.

Paul’s review of The Duel

The Duel was released on 24th June 2016 and stars Liam Hemsworth and Woody Harrelson amongst others I have never heard of. In 1887, Texas Ranger David Kingston (Hemsworth) is sent to the isolated town of Mount Hermon to investigate a series of murders and disappearances of Mexican citizens. This includes Maria Calderon, the niece of a Mexican general who is threatening to go looking for her. In the town, Kingston finds that it is being run by preacher and mayor Abraham Brent (Harrelson) someone who he recognises from his childhood.

This is one of those movies that started off well, then dipped in the middle and became entertaining again towards the end. It was just a shame that the action was not on-going throughout as the storyline I found to be fairly original. That said Harrelson and Hemsworth played their parts well and the fighting scenes were well executed. The cinematography was good too. I was hoping to give this so much more, but it is an average 3 out of 5 from me. Worth watching but only if there is nothing better.

Remmy’s Review of the Wrong Babysitter

The Wrong Babysitter 22 April 2017. I felt this was a mundane movie, even if it had some ‘good’ actors/tresses in it. The problem is they did not act. Although there was some suspense as they zero in the killers, it wasn’t edged of your seat. This deserved a PG 13 rating and wasted film.

I have nothing good to say about this movie

Come on Hollywood you can do much better than this slosh. 2 out of 5 from me.

Paul’s review of The Cell

The Cell (El-Khaliyyah) is an Egyptian film was released on September 1st 2017 and not to be confused with the American movie of the same title. When terrorists detonate a bomb in a residential area, it is up to a team of special operations officers led by Saif (Ahmed Ezz) to track them down. Unfortunately, things don’t go according to plan (do they ever?) and Saif soon finds himself battling from a different direction.

The story was really good and with the great action scenes the 2h 6 minutes seemed to fly by. The car scenes reminded me a lot of the humour of the old Bond movies, and I really did laugh out loud watching. If you are not a fan of movies with subtitles, then this movie won’t convert you as sometimes the text didn’t appear to stay on screen for very long. That did not detract from the story however, and I would easily rate this 4 out of 5.

StevenF Review of Shorts

The Robert Rodriquez family film Shorts was released on August 21, 2009. When Toby Thompson (Jimmy Bennett) finds a rainbow-colored rock that grants wishes, all chaos breaks out in the company-run town of Black Falls. Jon Cryer and Leslie Mann play Toby’s parents who work for the company owned by Toby’s enemies Helvetia and Cole Black. James Spader plays Mr. Black and William H. Macy plays a germaphobic scientist.

This was meant to be a fun family film from the director of The Spy Kids franchise. The humor would definitely appeal to younger viewers. The CGI was probably the weakest part of this movie; it was too cartoon-like. The acting from the kids and adults alike was fine. The storyline works but I personally didn’t care for the jumping around of the scenes. It makes me think that either the writer or the director stitched a film together. Robert Rodriguez directed, produced, and wrote the movie along with his wife, and one of his sons (Rebel Rodriguez) was in the film.

Family movies such as this one really deserves two ratings: one from a kid’s point of view and one from the adult point of view. As a kid, I would probably give this 5 stars, but as an adult I would give it 3 stars. Overall, I give this 4 out of 5 stars. It has silly jokes that kids would enjoy and a moral about raising children that parents would understand.

Remmys Review of Buffalo Boys

Buffalo Boys, 19 July 2018, Action. rated TV-MA (R) This is an action shoot-em up movie from Indonesia. A little blood and gore, but the action was non stop. A lot of people get killed, and they were not the ones that needed to be killed. The Dutch take over Indonesia and began making the farmers grow poppy. This causes hardships because the people, who eat rice for a mainstay food, do not have any, and are used as slaves.

In comes the grandsons of the late Sultan. Raised in the American west, these guys are not sure what to do, at least in the beginning, and the action tells you that if the bad guys are killed, others will take their place, and kill even more people.

I would like a sequel to this until the Dutch are wiped out completely, but to this day Indonesia still has plenty of poppy fields. I rate this 5 out of 5 stars. English and Indonesian, some subtitles where necessary.

StevenF Review of Recall

The Canadian film Recall was released on June 25, 2019. Mikey (Michael James Regan) talks his stepbrother Dale (Tommy James Murphy) into pulling one last hit. Unfortunately, Mikey is a cocaine addict and their target is the Mafia. There is a backstory about Dale’s girlfriend’s murder which doesn’t do much for the story.

The acting was fairly decent, but everything else was bad. I have a theory: if the lead actor(s) in a movie is/are also a producer, executive producer, writer, editor, and director of a film then I have low expectations for the film. This mainly is true if the actor and/or director are not well known. There are a few, I admit, that does not follow this premise. This film was, thankfully, only 72 minutes long, but it took 25 minutes to get to the crime scene. There were some good action scenes but there was also foul language.

I would not recommend this film to anyone. It needed a lot of work. Some of the actors were good, i.e. the actor who played the Mafia Don was very good. I have to give this only 2 stars out of 5.

Remmy’s Review of The Golem

The Golem February 5, 2019, Horror. A red-headed Jewish girl in the late 1670’s Lithuania, can’t be a good sign for a movie called The Golem, in the midst of the plague. Let me clarify, to me this movie did not make sense. The traditional Jewish people in it, for the most part, did not look like the traditional Jewish people of today, even though their hair and other things make you believe they were traditional Jews.

I have no idea whether part of the movie was true or it was all fiction. I have a hard time believing there were red-headed Jews in a small Jewish village at the time. In the fifteen through seventeen hundred, red-heads were burnt at the stake or worse as witches and demons. Unless they were in Scotland or some other Celtic (Pronounced Keltic) village. Even the Catholic and Protestant churches dealt harshly with them. Personally, I think it was just bad writing by some redhead!

This story wants you to believe that the Jews were peace-loving and would die before striking anyone, however, their Torah tells a different story throughout history to the present day. Could this Torah be where we get the idea that Golems did exist? I have no clue so someone out there help me with this.

We imagine Golems as big monsters, yet in this movie, it is a little boy. With all my reservations about the historical validity of the movie, I still rate it 5 out of 5 stars, it was that good.

StevenF Review of Staged Killer

The TV-movie Staged Killer was released on June 25, 2019. Jake Everett and Naomi Spencer had a college talk show which ended when Jake is accused of murdering a football player. Ten years later, Naomi is married and has a different co-host on a podcast. Jake returns and befriends Naomi, her husband, and the show’s producer. Unfortunately, not everything goes well.

The acting was good for the most part. The actress playing Naomi was not very good. The storyline could have done with some improvement, but I tend to blame the director for these faults. The main problem seemed to be that it was obvious who was going to be killed, it was a matter of how. Also, when they die, I didn’t really feel any sympathy for them. The photography also made the film seem more like the style of a soap opera.

Over all, this just barely made it from being a terrible movie to a decent movie. I give it 3 stars out of 5. I wouldn’t watch it again, though.

Paul’s review of Running for Grace

Running for Grace was released on 20th July 2018 and is set in 1920’s Hawaii where a young mixed-raced orphaned boy is taken under the wing of the coffee plantations new doctor. The boy is used as his runner and translator and soon finds himself attracted to the daughter of the plantation owner. Skip forward 10 years and the boy soon discovers the girls father has other ideas as to who marries his daughter.

As I don’t usually find these types of film interesting and as the movie started off slowly, I thought it was going to be disappointed yet again. However, I started to become engrossed in the outcome and I was genuinely willing for justice to be given to the boy. The sheer beauty of the Hawaiian island meant the film was visually stunning and the acting was also very good.

Overall, I would give this 4 out of 5 and it should be on your watch lists.