The Godfather III was nominated for seven academy awards but was the only film of the trilogy which did not win any of the Oscars. This is too bad because it was a good film which tried to show Michael Corleone’s attempt to “legitimize” the family business. Part of the problem seemed to be that Read More →

The current version of Benji (March, 2018) is a remake of the same-titled movie from 1974. I never saw the original version of Benji, so in the interest of fairness, I watched both versions. I will not, however, draw comparisons to both versions. I will say that the producer, writer, and director of the 1974 Read More →

Hotel for Dogs (January 16, 2009) is a film based on a book which was written in 1971. It is the story of two foster kids, brother Bruce (Jake T. Austin) and sister Andi (Emma Roberts), and their dog Friday. The movie is about the struggle of the siblings to stay together and to take Read More →

Martian Child (November 2007) If a boy or girl were to tell you they were from Mars, or any other planet or solar system, of course, you are not going to believe them. Then again we are human and do not understand the ways of the universe. Let’s face it, as a species, we may think we Read More →

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