Changes history available from the top menu under Changes Book Facts: I started writing Changes in 2009, the first online Chapter was out on September 2010 There have been three name changes to the book, before I decided on Changes – The Travis Theory, Ancient Death All the original characters are in the book Vern Read More →

Last night and this morning I was doing major rearranging of After three years I thought it was time to tidy up. After all I couldn’t have the site looking like Paul’s bedroom, now could I? In the process of doing that the site sent out a bunch of links from the site that Read More →

Really now, I have been using Microsoft Home and School since I can remember. Even bought the thing. Yes I BUY SOFTWARE.  The version I have now is 2013, I cannot afford to make monthly payments, I am not a professional. After two months of rebuilding a computer that should have taken 4 hours, Read More →

There are so many things that each of us think about everyday, sometimes we write about them. Most of the time we do not. Maybe that is good, we control our mouths and fingers, yet so many stories go untold because of it. People deal with issues each day. Some we understand, like sickness and Read More →

Since I was 12 I have built several computers. I do not like laptops, and that is what I am  using at the moment. The rectangular  part on the center bottom was not meant for writers. Get a real computer for heaven’s sake, and your own. On top of that they overheat and are basically Read More →