Greetings Remmy Meggs fans! I have known Remmy for about three years now and when he asked me to post reviews on his site, I was very flattered and a bit intimidated. I want to make sure that he does not regret that decision and therefor thought that I would give you all a bit Read More →

Changes history available from the top menu under Changes Book Facts: I started writing Changes in 2009, the first online Chapter was out on September 2010 There have been three name changes to the book, before I decided on Changes – The Travis Theory, Ancient Death All the original characters are in the book Vern Read More →

Last night and this morning I was doing major rearranging of After three years I thought it was time to tidy up. After all I couldn’t have the site looking like Paul’s bedroom, now could I? In the process of doing that the site sent out a bunch of links from the site that Read More →

Really now, I have been using Microsoft Home and School since I can remember. Even bought the thing. Yes I BUY SOFTWARE.  The version I have now is 2013, I cannot afford to make monthly payments, I am not a professional. After two months of rebuilding a computer that should have taken 4 hours, Read More →