I never thought much of the XC-8 Polish tank, until I saw it in this video, pay attention to this fast hooting high camo factor tank in a real game The question for the week: How many rounds does the XC-8 hold in its auto-cannon?  +10

A review of the new Tier 8, T-72B3 Sunray, a special edition Russian Premium tank from Armored Warfare. If it isn’t on sale now, it should be soon. The question of the week to get a free code by emailing me first is: What gun does the T-72B3 Sunray use? +10

Subscribe and win! Mortality shows us how a tier 6 tank should be played. The 7A has plenty of Armor and Mortality has no problem using it to get the score he wants. This weeks question: What cannon and country does the Magach 7A use? https://youtu.be/Dkr2iM3eQAQ +8

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