Some people think cooking is hard, and it is not. You can make great things without the FDA allowing poisons in your food. They won’t stop the big name food processors from poisoning you, so it is time you did something about it. So cooking at home is the way to beat them. If you Read More →

No doubt we all love food. These days it seems most people go to a fast food restaurant, become obese and live that way the rest of their lives. I am far from obese but of course I don’t like to eat in the first place. I guess that is a problem on it’s own. Read More →

There are so many of my friends that say they won’t eat this or that. The ones my age and younger will at least try my foods, the older ones are like “not a chance – I don’t like (whatever it is)”. Veggies come to mind. How on earth did veggiesaurs even survive at all? Read More →