Pay Attention WOT and Wargaming, you are losing people, I know it and you know it, that is why you need to charge so much for ammunition and tanks. But let us look at why you are losing them. When you started out you have Tiers for a reason, yes by golly, you still have Read More →

Have you ever bought those little bags of chips, for yourself or children that are sold at convenience stores? I mean come on, $1.09 USD for a bag of air and five crumpled chips? Please follow and like us:+33

Let’s face it, I am not the kind of person that you want owning a gun. I am not mean, I am afraid of everything. So having a gun would mean I would accidentally shoot myself or someone else. Imagine the nightmares I have when I sleep and compound that into daily living, someone would Read More →

Yea, it is being Killed but there is something you can do about it. You can vote, you can write letters and here is Utah Phillips and his message to you all! It is time to do something more than what we are doing. Please follow and like us:+38

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