Every once in awhile I make a post about strange foods across the world. Such as China’s ‘Cat on a stick‘ here in the USA we are told they use chicken.WE ARE TOLD are the key words. My favorite place to pick on, is England in all their glory. Before Paul has told us about Read More →

Even thought they have “truth” in advertising, they have to take two showers if they poop after the first shower in the morning. Heaven forbid they take a bath. But you are talking about the UK where they just started taking showers and baths daily in the 1960’s.  Notice UKs standard 100% recycled. It never Read More →

  English boys are… different When Paul and I were growing up he wanted to be a relic hunter, I was going to be his assistant. His degree would have been in archeology/history and mine in computer science/history. Well things didn’t work out. Paul got lost in his own house, and had no idea whether Read More →