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Pit Bull Kills 1 year old 5 (3)

Deaths reported by Pit Bull Dogs in the last couple of years

More kids killed by Pitbulls recently

Man attacked by a pit bull while trying to save his family recent

Pit bulls are not the only dogs that kill humans without provocation. Many cities forbid housing a Pitbull now, and the list keeps growing. My grandparents housed dogs in an AKC kennel and would not allow a Pitbull even close to them. My uncle was bitten by a dog (not a pit bull) and his father put the dog down on the spot. Any dog that bites anyone needs to be put down.

One of the things that really bugs me is people do not understand the danger. They come online and tell you their beloved pitbull is the sweetest dog in the world. However when their dog attacks, That is not in the news. The reason is that they don’t want to add fuel to the fire. Let me tell you something, sooner or later your Pitbull will kill, maim, or attack you or someone in your family or someone else’s family. There are other dogs that will do the same.

Oddly at one place here in New Mexico over 50 percent of the animal population are Pitbulls. They keep them so long they have no room for other more docile animals that deserve a home. In my opinion, they are kept so pitbull fighters will take them, that is the sad state of New Mexico. New Mexico allows dog fights. Don’t you want to own one? I am not serious, but you get the idea, adopt one and you are asking for death.