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Remmy’s Review: Rare Exports THE original Christmas Story 5 (1)

Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale (December 2010, Rated R) Is based on the original story of Santa. The story was created by the Lapp people, known as Sammi to most of the world. Nicholas, Santa Claus as we know him today and Krampus came much later, and I will explain them.

Before I do that I want to point out what is important during the holiday season.  Family, giving, and good food are on top of that list.  It is a season of love and forgiveness. You do not need a Jesus or a Santa Clause to accomplish that,

 Since it is not Jesus’  birthday, the season has nothing to do with him, and surely it has nothing to do with Santa Clause, at least the Santa Clause you have come to know and love –  and who scares the hell out of children who know instinctively that something isn’t right.

It was originally called Saturnalia, a twelve day holiday that began with the Romans, that is the Romans we know from Rome (Italy), which became the seat of the Catholic church. Saturnalia was a twelve day holiday where the Romans celebrated the god Saturn. It was a time of joy when the landowners gave out gifts and fed the poor, usually their serfs, but sometimes outsiders and travelers were allowed. Even slaves received gifts during this time and the food was bountiful. The Roman state gave out grain and sometimes meat, usually pork, to the poor. The rich gave out sheep and other tasty animals. Each landowner or “Don” partook in this endeavor. Of course, some were wealthier than others and their gifts showed it. Saturnalia culminated for twelve days ending on what we call now, December 25th. Imagine that. It was not celebrated anywhere but in Roman territories at the time. This is the real basis for the twelve days of Christmas.

When the Catholics with the help of Emperor Constantine took over, they could not get rid of Saturnalia. When they found it was futile, they purposely proclaimed erroneously that December 25th was Christ’s birthday and that was what they were celebrating. The gift giving was taken from the story of the three wise men giving gifts to the Christ child, whether all of that story happened or not. They made up a story to go along with their new holiday, all based on lies talk about paganism! So basically the holiday of Saturnalia still goes on to this day.

So what do Rare Exports have to do with Christmas? Rare Exports is a fiction movie, based on the original Sinter Klaus story which in fact was written by and practiced by the Sammi people. Santa even wears the same clothes as the Sammi people do to this day. That is where the similarities stop. The actual words in translation from that book say: “You better watch out”, “You better not pout”, “You better not cry”, come from that book. Added to that are ten other things you shouldn’t do, you will have to watch the movie to find out, but it is very logical. 
The original story was made for children to get them to behave for a few days a year or was it?

All stories like this are based on myth. and everyone knows that deep down, all myth is based on some truth. In the story Santa Claus has drones, now called elves, to go out and search the towns for children, according to the book, bad children and no matter what parents think no child is perfect. The children are taken to Sinter Klaus to be eaten. Some are boiled, broiled, baked or eaten alive. I always thought he should eat the bad parents but alas, that would not be as scary I guess.

Nicholas was never canonized as a Saint by the Roman Catholic Church and in 1968 he was taken off the Catholic Calendar of observance days. He was demoted for a few reasons. In every town he visited, children would disappear never to be seen again. Secondly, he was becoming more popular than Jesus, which we still witness today. To be fair he is still regarded as a Saint in the Eastern Catholic Church and the Orthodox Catholic Church. 

Santa Claus came out of legend and imaginative writers trying to change the original story of Sinter Klaus, and as time went on most countries came up with their own version of Santa, unto this day when children who are afraid of Santa, are led to believe he is real until they reach an age where they can understand it is all based on lies.

I would rather love my parents for buying me special gifts that I want, rather than some fake, regardless of how jolly he is. The Santa we know today came from writers who changed the original story of Santa, and people around the world, when they realised who Santa was, changed it even more. Krampus came about because they did not want to admit that Santa was a bad guy. Actually, Krampus and Santa Claus are the same person.

In the depths of the Korvatunturi mountains, 486 meters deep, lies the closest ever guarded secret of Christmas. The time has come to dig it up. This Christmas everyone will believe in Santa Claus. The movie is made by Sammi and Finnish people and has their language and English in it. The few captions do not detract from the film. I love this movie for more than one reason, but mainly because it keeps me grounded because in my humble opinion, we do not need paganism to have Christmas.  I rate this movie 5 out of 5 with good reason!

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