With Halloween fast approaching, it is time you middle school children and adults learned that the outside world is not as sweet as we think it is. You can read about it every day in the newspapers. A child goes missing, most are never found. Backyard Adventures delve into this with frighting, chill binding stories to make Read More →

One thing I can say about my mom is that she is environmentally friendly. Going naked keeps the sharks well, even though I would be shark meat. Forget me, save the sharks? +8

The Science of belly buttons, or Belly Button Science, has mostly been overlooked around the world. We take it for granted that it is a part of birth where the umbilical cord goes from the mother to the child and then when the child is born it is cut off, leaving the belly button. But Read More →

Things great in life http://amzn.to/2u4ZV6o  Kids are wonderful unless of course, they do not act like you want them to. but then again you were the same with your parents. For instance, you spend a lot of time learning to make perfect sunny side up eggs. It is wonderful when you can bring those beautiful eggs Read More →

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