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I began writing Saving Tomorrow, in 2012 under another title. Due to hard drive failure I had to change the cover of the book that others had purchased for me. At the same time, with friends, I came up with a more appropriate title. It will go on sale this week at CreateSpace for paperback, Read More →

One cover got more hits than any other. I have used it for the cover of the new book. However it lacked something, it seemed too static, so I have added a little bit of something to make it come alive. I have used two different fonts, I would like you to choose which one Read More →

It is time to go to print! All the edits have been done. The book was started in 2012 and at the end of the year 2016 I am happy to say it is time. However the original artwork for the book has been lost completely. So I need your help. The Story: A young Read More →

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