Mel tells me she loves Grapes of Rome, well at least the rewrite of it. She sent this photo of two of the three horses that own Dante, at least they think they own him.  You can see all the fan art at Fan Art Please follow and like us:+27

I saw a T-shirt, and I saw this boy, and I had to share both with you. Also to tell you about Diane at she has a nice website and talks about her family and other great things, including dogs. Check out her blog you just might like it. Please follow and like us:+48

For centuries people have argued who the boss really is in a dog-human relationship.  Naturally as humans we think we are the boss, after all aren’t we? Well, yes we are, but that is only if you can’t talk to your dog. Many of us can, and after awhile we can tell what they want Read More →

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