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Speaking of Friends

I can count people I know as less than 100, I can count people I consider friends on one hand. When the site crashed a few months ago, I did not realize it did not include those friends when Steve, Paul and I worked hard to put the site back up. I did notice it tonight and rectified it. Welcome back to all of you. I wish you would have told me you stopped getting emails from the site long ago. Oh well, you are back now and welcome.

If you consider yourself a friend of mine, I may not know it. Please Email me, or message me here, and I will add you posthaste.

Remember the password I set is temporary so please change your password to one you will remember.

After five years of

The last couple of days have been hectic. First I want to thank Paul and StevenF for staying with this site for 5 short years. Between the 3 of us, we have written over 1200 articles, and most of you loved them. It pains me to say it but this week our database was corrupted, and there was nothing I could save it, except for paying one of my legs to some **** who wanted to charge me but couldn’t fix it.  So the entire database, five years of work is down the tube. We do have some articles and we will post those, that we have copies of, as time permits, but overall they are gone.

Things I would like to see… Comments, I know you read the articles your comments would be appreciated, and clicking the like buttons would be appreciated too. Donations, it doesn’t cost you but a cup of regular (not Starbucks coffee) a couple of times a year to keep this website in operation, we sure do not make money from it. Thoughts and ideas, we love them! Other writers, if you have something to share on a regular basis and it fits into our clean environment, let me know and maybe we will add you!