Title: Time and Tides Book 1 Author: Seth A. Feldman Genre: Fantasy Publisher: Seth A. Feldman Release Date: Feb 21, 2018 Format: Kindle, Paperback Pages: 348, 320 Source: Amazon.com Time and Tide, Book 1: Changing Tides by Seth A. Feldman. Feldman creates a new world to delve into. We have a sixteen-year-old girl that must Read More →

Martian Child (November 2007) If a boy or girl were to tell you they were from Mars, or any other planet or solar system, of course, you are not going to believe them. Then again we are human and do not understand the ways of the universe. Let’s face it, as a species, we may think we Read More →

There is nothing that beats great country music. I mean the music where the artist wrote the song, played it and sang it. Those were the good old days. Now the artist doesn’t usually write the songs. They are bought from other artists, and the songs are mundane for the most part. They just don’t Read More →