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Remmy’s Review of the Wrong Babysitter

The Wrong Babysitter 22 April 2017. I felt this was a mundane movie, even if it had some ‘good’ actors/tresses in it. The problem is they did not act. Although there was some suspense as they zero in the killers, it wasn’t edged of your seat. This deserved a PG 13 rating and wasted film.

I have nothing good to say about this movie

Come on Hollywood you can do much better than this slosh. 2 out of 5 from me.

Remmy’s Review of the book Conspiracy For Murder

When a Los Angeles Detective takes on more than he can cope with, others decide to step in and help. We all know that only ninety percent of conspiracy theories are real. The problem is which ones. We also know that it is some rich guy pulling strings, whether it is the president of some country, and I could name a few or some middle of the road guy with a lot of connections. To be fair, even if we caught the culprit pulling strings, you never get them all. They breed like rats and hide all too often under the laws they created to protect themselves.

This detective is called into a murder case, and before he realizes it, he runs into more trouble than he bargained for. In this case, about halfway through the book, we know who is doing dirty deeds, but to prove it will take a miracle. The president and others in foreign countries are implicated, but they seem to be immune to the law.

This could be construed as an edge of your seat read, but it is more like what America has to put up with in our daily lives, at least as long as the big shots keep us alive, something they do not want to do.

I rate this book 5 out of 5 and hope you take the time to read it.

Remmys Review of Buffalo Boys

Buffalo Boys, 19 July 2018, Action. rated TV-MA (R) This is an action shoot-em up movie from Indonesia. A little blood and gore, but the action was non stop. A lot of people get killed, and they were not the ones that needed to be killed. The Dutch take over Indonesia and began making the farmers grow poppy. This causes hardships because the people, who eat rice for a mainstay food, do not have any, and are used as slaves.

In comes the grandsons of the late Sultan. Raised in the American west, these guys are not sure what to do, at least in the beginning, and the action tells you that if the bad guys are killed, others will take their place, and kill even more people.

I would like a sequel to this until the Dutch are wiped out completely, but to this day Indonesia still has plenty of poppy fields. I rate this 5 out of 5 stars. English and Indonesian, some subtitles where necessary.

Remmy’s Review of The Golem

The Golem February 5, 2019, Horror. A red-headed Jewish girl in the late 1670’s Lithuania, can’t be a good sign for a movie called The Golem, in the midst of the plague. Let me clarify, to me this movie did not make sense. The traditional Jewish people in it, for the most part, did not look like the traditional Jewish people of today, even though their hair and other things make you believe they were traditional Jews.

I have no idea whether part of the movie was true or it was all fiction. I have a hard time believing there were red-headed Jews in a small Jewish village at the time. In the fifteen through seventeen hundred, red-heads were burnt at the stake or worse as witches and demons. Unless they were in Scotland or some other Celtic (Pronounced Keltic) village. Even the Catholic and Protestant churches dealt harshly with them. Personally, I think it was just bad writing by some redhead!

This story wants you to believe that the Jews were peace-loving and would die before striking anyone, however, their Torah tells a different story throughout history to the present day. Could this Torah be where we get the idea that Golems did exist? I have no clue so someone out there help me with this.

We imagine Golems as big monsters, yet in this movie, it is a little boy. With all my reservations about the historical validity of the movie, I still rate it 5 out of 5 stars, it was that good.