My brother was, and sometimes still is, a complete pain in the backside and used to annoy me a whole lot when we were younger. When he had his friend over it was even worse, and they used to annoy me even more when I was trying to do things or play games. Don’t get Read More →

I have been asked to share how I have pranked people but really I think I need to tell you how I have been pranked by Remmy first. Maybe then you will see what I have had to endure for so long 😉 Forgetting all the minor stuff, I will start when I received a Read More →

I was looking through a few websites and came across something that made me realise that I was right all along…. …this is how we English people see law enforcement in America 🙂 From the files of DailyMail UK +54

Title: Changes Author: Remmy Meggs Genre: Action Adventure Publisher: RWP Books Release Date: April 25th 2016 Format: Paperback Pages: 312 Source: Amazon The end of the world as we know it would bring billions of deaths. But what happens after that? Authors have shown us utopias and dystopias would result, none seem very pleasing. Changes Read More →