Being a fan of sci-fi movies, especially ones that aren’t too scary, I thought that ARQ was worth a watch. It is an American-Canadian film released worldwide in September 2016 and stars Robbie Amell as Renton, an engineer who has invented a ‘perpetual motion machine’ (The ARQ) that provides a source of sustainable energy. The Read More →

My brother was, and sometimes still is, a complete pain in the backside and used to annoy me a whole lot when we were younger. When he had his friend over it was even worse, and they used to annoy me even more when I was trying to do things or play games. Don’t get Read More →

I have been asked to share how I have pranked people but really I think I need to tell you how I have been pranked by Remmy first. Maybe then you will see what I have had to endure for so long 😉 Forgetting all the minor stuff, I will start when I received a Read More →

Kill Ratio is a 2016 Action movie starring Tom Hopper who plays James Henderson, a liaison between a corporation and a newly-democratic country in Eastern Europe. His boss is attempting to set-up a contract and is about to close the deal when there is a military coup trying to depose the newly elected president.   Read More →

I was looking through a few websites and came across something that made me realise that I was right all along…. …this is how we English people see law enforcement in America 🙂 From the files of DailyMail UK [AdSense-A] +54