If you have read some of my previous reviews, you may probably be aware that I am not a big fan of horror/psychological movies, so I watched this April 2015 movie with some trepidation. The outline of the story is that a couple are forced to use a new babysitter after their regular one lets Read More →

The Package is an August 2018 comedy about a group of friends who go on a spring break camping trip after one of them returns from Germany. After an unfortunate accident, the group has 12 hours to return The Package. As is usual with a Netflix movie, the actors are not well known but all Read More →

The Cloverfield Paradox is a 2018 movie that is part of the Cloverfield franchise that started in 2008. However, like me, you do not need to have seen the other two movies to watch this instalment. Produced by JJ Abrams the story follows a group of scientists and engineers on board the orbiting Cloverfield space Read More →

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