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Paul’s Review of I Don’t Feel at Home in this World Anymore

I Don’t Feel at Home in this World Anymore was released on February 24th, 2017 and is the story of depressed nurse Ruth (Melanie Lynskey) who returns home to find that she has been burgled. She reports the incident to the police and all they do is give her advice to not leave the property unlocked. She decides to find the perpetrators herself and starts to ask her neighbours if they had seen anything. This is when she meets her rather weird neighbour Tony (Elijah Wood) who becomes enraged with the incident and together they decide to find her stolen property. The story then descends into what can only be described as blood, guts, comedy and a sense of wanting her to get justice for what has happened to her.

I really enjoyed this movie and can safely say that after the first half hour I was not expecting it to turn into such an enjoyable movie. Lynskey and Wood play off each other well and along with the supporting cast they make the story believable in a weird kind of way. The police officer however must have been completely stupid or couldn’t care and I would hope that real ones were not as inept as this one was. I would give this a high rating of 4.5/5 but as I have watched it once I don’t think a second time would be as much fun. Consequently, I will not be adding it to my collection.


Paul’s review of Enter the Warriors Gate

Enter the Warriors Gate (12) was released on 18th November 2016 starring Uriah Shelton as Jack a bullied teenager who is obsessed with video games. When he is magically transported to China, he needs to convert his video game skills into those of a Kung Fu warrior to protect Princess Sulin (Ni Ni) from a cruel barbarian (Dave Bautista).

This is a French-Chinese co-production with most of the dialogue in English and even though the storyline is certainly not original I found the use of a younger cast along with the combination of humour, fighting and some use magic it to be a good watch. There were definite moments of tension when coming up against the barbarian and the acting was good from most of the cast. I particularly liked the way Jack dealt with his ‘real-life’ when returning from China. I would give this 3.5 out of 5.

Paul’s review of The Good Neighbor

The Good Neighbor stars James Caan as Harold Grainey a reclusive old man whose teenage neighbours decide to conduct a study on him to see how he will react if he thinks his house is haunted. The film was released on September 16th 2016 and is rated R/15.

Logan Miller and Keir Gilchrist are Ethan and Shaun the two high school students who set up spy cameras and other devices to watch and control devices within Grainey’s house. They monitor and record it all from Ethan’s house across the street. However, what starts out as a prank soon leads to a devastating tragedy due to a series of weird coincidences.

When I started to watch I thought I had picked another rubbish movie, but this was soon dismissed as I became enthralled with what was happening. Miller and Gilchrist play their parts well, but James Caan definitely steals the show with his portrayal of a grumpy old man, and you will feel for him towards the end of the movie. Overall, I would have to rate this 5 out of 5.

Paul’s review of The Bad Education movie

The Bad Education Movie (rated R/15) is a continuation of a popular UK TV show that was released on 21st August 2015 and stars Jack Whitehall as Alfie Wickers a useless history teacher who is more childish than his students. Following a disastrous previous trip, the school reluctantly agree to the class going on one final school trip before they all leave. They do however insist that they are accompanied by a parent so that they do not get into trouble. The trip is only to Cornwall and not the planned Las Vegas so the class are not overly enthusiastic to be going and try very hard to ditch their chaperone, so they can have fun.

You do not need to have watched the original series to have an understanding of the characters, but some scenes were confusing as I didn’t realise who was who. There is also some nudity and foul language, but it is not overly used, and I was laughing throughout the whole movie even though some scenes were puerile. The supporting cast all played their parts well and the filming locations will show our American cousins the beauty of the UK 😊. You also really need to know that real teachers would not get away with any of what happened. Overall, I would rate this 4 out of 5 and I would watch it again but won’t add it to my collection.

Paul’s review of The Games Maker

The Games Maker (PG) is an Argentine-Canadian film released on 26th June 2014 and stars David Mazouz (The Darkness, Gotham) as Ivan Drago a young games inventor whose parents are killed in a hot air balloon accident. It turns out that he is the grandson of a famous board game inventor whose company has been almost ruined by an ex-employee who has been making plans to use Ivan in his own company.

The story was not really what I was expecting but it was well written and the acting believable, particularly the emotions shown by Mazouz. There were also parts of the story that could have been explained better and a little bit more humour would also have helped. That does not mean that I did not enjoy it, just ideas on how it could have been improved. I would still give it four out of five and I would watch it again, I just wouldn’t add it to my collection.