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Remmy’s Review: The Christmas Chronicles w/ Trailer 5 (1)

The Christmas Chronicles (22 Nov 2018) In everyone’s hearts there is always the hope of something better, and The Christmas Chronicles delivers. Santa is played by Kurt Russell, yeah I know it is a little hard to believe, but he does it well. This is a fantasy, for children, just remember what I say at the end of this and make sure the children know it. There are several child actors that play Teddy and Kat at different ages, all did well. Judah Lewis plays the oldest who is not a believer and you actually feel for him. His little sister is played by Darby Camp, who by the way, steals the show.

If your children see this as a fantasy, then all is well. If they are expected to believe it, shame on you. It will be a great Christmas Story the whole family will enjoy. Based on that I give it a 4.5 out of 5, taking off a little for the cartoonish elves. I guess they didn’t want to pay for short kids or adults to play them, so sad. Personally, I would have preferred kids, or short people playing those parts, after all, that is what you expect in a Christmas Story… Don’t worry, the children in your house won’t notice… I hope. This was an enjoyable movie.

As a youngster I never believed in Santa Claus, however, I do believe in Sinter Klaus ie Saint Nick who was a robber baron in the old world, by all intents and purposes gave out candy to children, but when he left the town he took several with him, they were never to be seen again. a demon by any name. Let’s face it when kids first see Santa Clause, they scream bloody murder wondering why their parents forsook them. Then they are taught that the evil clown brings them presents. That lasts for several years until, at nine to eleven, their schoolmates tell them the truth! Bad parenting. Now they will never trust you 100% anymore. You lied about the tooth fairy, you lied about the Easter bunny, and you lied about Santa Clause, not to mention all the lies Disney tells them.

I would not buy this, and if my arm was twisted I may watch it again.

Remmy’s Review: The Ballad of Buster Scruggs 5 (1)

The Ballad of Buster Scruggs (Nov 2018) A good singing cowboy that can outshoot Roy Rogers, although I can’t say he can outsing him, at least at first. However, it gets better. There are actually several stories in this movie Each with a different message, and outcome. I enjoyed this video because it made me laugh at people. Oh yeah, there are like twenty major stars in it, so be on the lookout for them, and these are actors, not High Paid He-men… These guys and girls actually act, several times I found myself saying “No it can’t be he/she” but it was!

The directing was great, the acting was great, the writing was great, and hilarious at times. This is one of those, ‘you don’t want to miss this one’ movie, All is fair and it is rated R… I am not sure why, it did have a bit of blood, and only one speck of gore, and no foul language that I heard, hardly worth rating it ‘R’. Then again I hear best friend’s foul mouth, who lives in England, so much lately that maybe I just tune it out.

I think anyone over thirteen will enjoy it. I rate this movie 5 out of 5 stars!

Growing up with a best friend 5 (1)

Paul my best friend since I was twelve seemed a little, no a lot odd to me. Always talking about sex as most thirteen-year-olds do. I think he was trying to gauge how interested I was. hmm. Regardless one-day mom was in our bathroom and spotted this. Oh, my word I can’t believe he left it out. Since I was the only one around, she asked me about it. Of course, Paul was my best friend so I did the best I could.

After five years of

The last couple of days have been hectic. First I want to thank Paul and StevenF for staying with this site for 5 short years. Between the 3 of us, we have written over 1200 articles, and most of you loved them. It pains me to say it but this week our database was corrupted, and there was nothing I could save it, except for paying one of my legs to some **** who wanted to charge me but couldn’t fix it.  So the entire database, five years of work is down the tube. We do have some articles and we will post those, that we have copies of, as time permits, but overall they are gone.

Things I would like to see… Comments, I know you read the articles your comments would be appreciated, and clicking the like buttons would be appreciated too. Donations, it doesn’t cost you but a cup of regular (not Starbucks coffee) a couple of times a year to keep this website in operation, we sure do not make money from it. Thoughts and ideas, we love them! Other writers, if you have something to share on a regular basis and it fits into our clean environment, let me know and maybe we will add you!



Remmy’s Review of ALPHA 5 (2)

Alpha Aug 2018 Although a boy and a wolf story more than interest me, that is not why I wanted to see this film. I wrote a book about a boy and a dog, and I wanted to make sure this did not come close to my book. I am happy to say there was no resemblance to what I wrote. See:

What the viewer needs to understand is that wolves became a part of humanity over a period of thousands of years, maybe hundreds of thousands of years, and each tribe, if you wish to call it that, let wolves adopt them at many different times, and continents as well.

This movie takes place after the fall of the garden of paradise and the loss of the tree of life. Before then according to the Bible, animals walked together with man and they could mentally speak to each other. Some say verbally but I am not buying into that. Yet they did walk together in harmony.

This is a sad, but happy film of the tribulations man put up with at the end of the last ice age and how one boy and a wolf changed history for their people.

I rate this 5 out of 5 stars and could find no fault with it. Great photography, great directing and acting. It should have won several awards but it did not. Some say there was not enough language to make the grade. I disagree. In the old times, people did not have a lot of ways to express themselves, that took several millennia to establish what we today call language.

Remmy’s Review of Corbin Nash 3 (2)

Corbin Nash, April 2018, If you love vampire movies you are sure to like this. The premise is that the original vampires were angels sent from heaven to inherit the earth. At that point they are demons. According to the movie that is exactly what happened. Not sure where the teeth came from.

There is no gore, but there is plenty of blood. Corbin Nash (played by Englishman Dean Jagger) our protagonist is a cop whose parents were murdered at a baseball game. Overall the movie is action packed if you can get over the vampires, and senselessness of it all. I didn’t even know the English played baseball.

The vampires really like street fighting, to tenderize the meat I presume. None of that is shown, so you cannibals are out of luck.

Corey Feldman, who I did not recognize at all, plays Queenie… a part I sure would not have played but I guess money is money to some people. I do have to give kudo’s here, he did it well.

There are a couple of other big name stars in it, you will have to figure which is tho (without looking it up on IMDB!)

Do my best to get over the stupidity of the infamous vampire genre I found it hard to give this movie 3 stars, but i did, just because you guys will rip my throat out and leave me to die if I don’t. 3 out of 5 stars. I will not watch this again nor will I buy the movie. But the title and graphics were cool!

Remmy’s Review of Gone are the Days 0.7 (3)

Gone are the Days. March 2018, Directed by Mark Gould, Featuring Lance Hendrickson, Tom Beringer, Danny Trejo, and Steve Railsback. They say this movie is understated but in my opinion they should have saved the film and cameras for something else. I really like westerns, but when I saw this western I was taken aback. Now I don’t need a lot of killing or gore to like a western, but I do not like an hour of watching a drunk taking heroin, and that is what I got out of this movie.

There were some good and cute scenes in it. The sheriff can hear every word two little boys and a girl is saying as they are planning on raiding his cabin/office for information. Another one is when the protagonist decides to burn down a tree and burns his whole farm down. Of course, booze and heroin can do that.

We are talking about a man that is about to die, and he has one last thing he has to do before dying. A sweet premise for a lousy movie. The acting was good, you will see some well-known faces in it. The kids were great, the old men were… Nah. I give this movie a one out of five, I do not want to see drunks for over an hour on a movie screen.

Remmy’s Review: The Hurricane Heist 5 (1)

The Hurricane Heist – March 2018, You have to wonder about some films. This one lost money at the box office, but I am guessing it was because of the title of the movie. The title was too SyFy Channel for anyone to pay for the theater.

The acting was decent, the action was nonstop, the photography and CGI were excellent and the soundtrack was great. This movie lost a bunch at the box office, and I repeat I think it was because of the title. Yes the title fits the movie but something just didn’t grab audience’s attention.

To be fair it could have been the lack of big-name stars or the timing of when it was released.
Thieves attempt a massive heist against the U.S. Treasury as a Category 5 hurricane approaches one of its mint facilities. What is not to like about the theme? This is not an end of the world flick, this is an actual robbery for six hundred million dollars.

The storyline and science behind this movie were right on. It is an action-packed film that is enjoyable to watch. No foul language, and very little blood, although some scenes may scare little ones if you live on tornado alley or in hurricane territory. I give it 5 out of 5 stars, and I hope everyone watches it,

Remmy’s Review: Acts of Vengence w/ Trailer

Acts of Vengence (October 2017) rated R, Antonio Banderas plays a lawyer who is too busy for his family. The police are too busy to find his family’s killer. This is a gritty movie with some blood, no guts, and a little foul language. The blood is very minimal and mostly deals with a boxing ring. The movie moves forward quickly and Banderas luckily doesn’t speak much in it. I and others find his accent as true as it is, hard to understand. On the other hand, this gave Banderas a vehicle to show of his acting, and he was amazing.

Karl Urban (Star Trek) plays a cop and I didn’t recognize him at all. This is acting! Forget Dr. McCoy, this guy is a real action man! and makes Jason Bourne look like the woose he is. Although the acting was great I can only give this movie 4.5 stars