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Remmy’s Book Review of The Shadowverse 5 (2)

Superheroes. Since the 1940’s every Tom, Dick, Harry, and Jane has been writing about superheroes. Some were kids, most were adults, but they all had super something in their beings. The teen superheroes caught a vague interest in me because I grew up not having any. In fact, I have seen cartoons but never paid attention. I was into action-adventure books. Comics/comiccon/ and such things never interested me and still don’t. Worse yet, when you read a few pages into this book, you find out that the teens are twenty-two years old, and the size of ogres. For those that have been abused by Disney, ogres since the dawn of man have been bullies, warriors or slaves that are over six-foot tall. If you look at the world today, you will not find many world leaders that do not fit the above description, so sad!

Now come on, that is not the normal teen by any sense of the word. Yet these guys are. Moving on the first alert for me was a girl, honestly with red hair.  When the five main characters were over six foot tall, I immediately thought I was reading about a basketball team. To me, these were the bad parts of the book. What is it with red hair in books and movies lately? Just doesn’t seem right to me.

Yet there were a bunch of good parts, excellent parts and a saga that takes you across the galaxy, even I can get into that. What about the antagonist, one that doesn’t lie, always tells the truth… whoa wait, is that possible? And the “good” guys want to stop this sweet person that is trying to save the universe, and mankind from its hateful, selfish self? No way, let him do his thing and save all of us!

Of course, that would not be a very good ending if we were all perfect now, would it? What seems to be at stake here is free will. Free will to kill, rape, torture and starve those you want to get rid of, versus peace and harmony. Am I rooting for the wrong person? Well, of course, I want the “good guys” to win, but at what cost?

This is a book you need to read if you are a superhero fan or not, I give this book four stars out of five, mostly because of the comic book headings and archaic wording, neither of which hurt the storyline.

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Remmy’s Review of: Polar 5 (3)

Polar, 25 Jan 2019 rated Mature Audience, is one action movie that you do not want to miss. The movie is based on the Darkhorse Graphic Comic “Polar: Came from the Cold” The protagonist is played by Mads Mikkelsen from Denmark and you will see Vanessa Anne Hudgens, the cute little Martin Zolotarev , Richard Dreyfuss that many of you will not recognize, and other upcoming greats.

This is non stop action all the way through, and the few scenes that slow down really help push the movie to the next level. I cannot say enough good about this movie, action, blood, a touch of gore, The director Jonas Åkerlund from Sweden was excellent, as the photography which was breathtaking at times, and the editing, and the acting was over the top. 5 out of 5 stars from me. Akerlund is a true action director!

Remmy’s Review of: Close 5 (1)

Close, Jan 2019. When looking for a movie to watch or buy, most people go by the actors. Over the years we have seen some big film stars, some didn’t deserve the accolades they received, but because they looked like sweethearts or macho men, they made the big screen and we all fell for it, yes including me.

Some people go by the directors. I like action films not too bloody but even if there is gore I can stand that as long as the action is there. Then you have movies like this one. Two lead women and a woman director. Naomi Rapace plays a bodyguard who must protect a rich heiress played by Sophie Nilesse. I had never heard of either actress or the Director, but still, I wanted to see what a ‘girly’ film called action crime would be like.

I have to say that I was pleased. The acting was very good, the directing above par and the story was believable for the most part But what really got me was the ending, you won’t be ready for that. I rate this 5 out of 5, it was that good.

Remmy’s Review of Revenger 4 (2)

Revenger, 15 January 2019, rated for Mature Audiences. Do not let the cover fool you. This German/Korean film has subtitles and much of it is in English surprisingly enough. An Interpol detective loses his family in the harshest of ways. Although the perpetrator goes to prison, the detective wants revenge and gets himself sent to an island for criminals, to seek it.

This reminded me of an old-time movie because you can really tell who the bad guys and the good guys are. There is no nudity, there is no gore, but there is plenty of blood. He is befriended by a little girl, in trouble, and has to deal with good guys that want him dead, and the bad guy he is after.

You will not see anything new in this film, a bunch of Karate style fighting, which by the way brings me to one thing I noticed. The Roman Republic armies used a certain way to place their feet for balance and to push into the enemy. This movie has that, but for some reason the actors could not keep their balance, I thought it was strange.

Overall the movie was good, you get to see sights you do not normally see, and the acting was sub par, but it is still an enjoyable action flick. I rate it 4 stars out of 5.