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They don't like spiders either!

They don’t like spiders either!

SPIDERS: For the last two years many sites have posted what started as a joke, to be factual. In actuality they are all false reports, including the photographs of them. It was used to get you to go to their website, similar to all the other fake posts going on all over the world. It is hard to tell what is real and what is not anymore. There are NO flying spiders. Leave it to remmymeggs.com to tell you the truth. If in doubt, we can verify our story, but usually it says that it is fake or something else in the article, if in fact it is fake. For instance we have a photo of a giant crab after a dog that we claimed was a spider, but of course on the picture itself it says it is a crab. Fake story but at least we told the truth, most sites won’t.

But getting to the point, why are these people so happy there is no such thing as flying spiders?  The answer is simple really, sooner or later you are going to run into a spider and it will be on your face or body, It will look as if it just flew through the air. It did not. Someplace, it is attached to a web that you ran into, or it was after that fly flying around your head, trust me, it will happen if it hasn’t already. or you could have just rubbed against something and it got on you. Of course then it is already angry at you and at the first chance it gets it will bite, and maybe cause serious damage to you.

Why do humans hate and fear spiders so much?  There are over 300 different DNA strands in spiders that do not match up to humans. THREE HUNDRED.  Spiders, as all animals and insects, share some of the same DNA.  Lets face it, they are so different that we know cat’s and spiders flew in on meteors, landed here, and have attacked our world. I mean no one likes disgusting roaches, and if they get on you, you have at least a week of revulsion to rid yourself of, not to mention the extra showers. With spiders the feeling lasts your entire life.

Scientists are working on strange methods to actually make spiders “better”, and although they say we need spiders, I seriously doubt it, at least not the poisonous ones. With 300 different strands, spiders have made themselves repulsive. Secondly whether or not you have ever even seen a spider (not much chance of that) you are inherently afraid of them. Why? Some say our ancestors have a lot to do with that, but I do not believe that story. I think that the first time you see a spider it is so grotesque, that your mind cannot comprehend it, and goes into spaz attack.

I have lights above my computer. Several floods, I like it light and bright in here. We had spiders, thousands of them in the attic. They made egg sacks right above those lights, and when they hatched where did they go? DOWN, through the light and I had hundreds of spider silks coming down, with spiders attached at the end that was landing on me. Of course I immediately set off a bug bomb, and four hours later I came in with a  broom and got rid of the evidence. But let me tell you over the next three months I used lots of bombs.

Am I afraid of spiders? Not like most people, but I sure do not want them on or near me.



One Thought on “Are flying spiders real?

  1. Spiders are just waiting to take over the World. They will use the cockroaches as their infantry.
    YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!! (this is English humor)

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