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Andrewsarchus, as scientists see it now, vs human size

In Saving Tomorrow I introduced the “War Wolf”, in modern times we call it Andrewsarchus. Scientists and artists are very confused about what type

of animal it was, they have not even concluded if it was a mammal. It has been portrayed as a wolf, hyena, pig, even cats. and some say it it is where whales and hippos came from.

That is one amazing animal to have all of that in it. It may be a few years before we find an entire skeleton, but I want you to use your imagination here. We know from his head it was a giant, rivaling  large herbivores of it’s time. We know from it’s teeth it was a wolf like creature. From that same head, unlike scientists who feel it had a giant head and small body, let us imagine the size of the animal with what we know about other animals. It has to be huge weighing up and over 2000 lbs.Let us imagine that it is wolf  like, and it is a family animal, not necessarily a pack animal. It would raise it’s young, it may or may not have mated for life. One thing for sure is, that it was deadly. Could man have befriended it? I believe so, because in ancient texts we see men riding giant wolf like creatures. The dire wolves were not big enough for a man to ride into war. They had to be riding something as large, or larger than a horse, and something much deadlier.

Andrewsarchus skull bottom, wolf skull top.

Andrewsarchus Skull bottom, wolf skull top.

Also you need to remember then, when you see these old manuscripts, descriptions and art, that in ancient times man always seemed to make the human larger than life and animals much smaller. For instance I have seen several where a young man or man is riding a wolf and their feet are barely off the ground. A wolf could not take that kind of weight. So mentally you need to put the picture in perspective.

Andrewsarchus Vs Saber Tooth Cat. I am sorry to say with what we know about modern cats like tigers. leopards and panthers Andrewsarchus would have been no match for the giant cats of the time, or even after the fact. I am sure they could attack as a pack and at least run a cat off, or kill it, but on a one on one Andrewsarchus would have lost.

For those of you reading Saving Tomorrow, and think I make this stuff up, I do not. It is all based on scientific discoveries, although I do have a license to write what I believe the animal is like. Even if time proves me wrong, imagine this, you heard it from me first. War wolf or not, it did exist.

3 Thoughts on “Andrewsarchus and Saving Tomorrow

  1. pauly10 on April 23, 2016 at 6:24 am said:

    We all know you don’t make things up, and I am sure they will find something soon. New creatures are being found all of the time.
    Look at this weird thing that was found last week:


  2. Good analysis concerning primitive canus and their environment. That fish that Paul sent looks like something that was either found in a cave (due to lack of eyes) or from very deep in the ocean.

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