Since I have been on the internet, not once have I asked my readers to help others.

Hayden Needs Your help!

This, however, is not about me. This is about a little boy (no wisecracks about how tall I am either) who has been diagnosed with a terrible disease, he could live a subnormal life if given the right treatment. Imagine every time you went to the bathroom, you did not know if your insides would completely fall out? I am sure some of you have felt like that, but what if it was happening? A stool full of blood, you cannot play like regular kids, you cannot eat like regular kids, and all the time, you are bleeding to death.

Hayden and his family are not known to me, I met them online. I found it odd that most gofundme places are asking for huge amounts of money fifty-thousand and more, but when I saw this lady ask only for three-thousand to get reliable transportation, taxes and insurance for a vehicle to get her son to the specialist seventy-seven miles away, my heart went out to her, and her son. She needs your help, not to mention Hayden who has a chance to live a halfway normal life. Please click the link below, read all about it, and donate what you can. three thousand dollars is not enough, more is needed for gas, oil, tires, and food. Thoughts and prayers are not enough unless you are a self-serving, greedy politician, your action is needed.

I am writing Hayden into Foundation Grapes of Rome starting at Chapter nine. In the meantime read Legacy Grapes of Rome, Book One, the link is below.

Help Hayden Please Click here!

Legacy Grapes of Rome

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One Thought on “An eleven year old is dying Can you help?

  1. Poor boy, let’s hope they raise the funds required and more. Hope he gets better soon too.

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