Hadron Collider

I saved the world. Yes I truly did. Not just my apartment complex, not my neighborhood, not just my city, not my state, not my country. I saved the entire world, maybe even the entire universe! You will not read about it and I am not a secret agent. It was much simpler than that.

So I am going to sing my own song just so you know how close you came to annihilation this last week. I swear this is true so please believe it.

Paul was always a maths genius. he can throw numbers out of the top of his head. We play a dice game and I have a problem counting to ten, so having Paul as a best friend sometimes has its advantages. He has helped me with math all through my life. Thank you Paul.

Growing up Paul was going to be a relic hunter. I would be his sidekick, at least until I found out that sidekicks usually die first. There were other problems as well. Paul was a walking disaster. Accidents every time he turned around. On top of it he couldn’t find his way out of a paper bag even with a GPS.

Pay attention to the accident part, that is crucial! So when Paul got his Masters degree in Physics, I was scared to death. Okay Paul, what job are you going to get?

Now in the forefront of my mind that Hadron Collider became real. I am telling the truth, I was scared to death. What does he mention first? Going to Switzerland and working on it. We were doomed. Understand that Paul would not hurt a soul on purpose, but he is accident prone. That was enough for me to be afraid.

I could imagine him leaning against something and sending it into overdrive without being near a shutoff, I don’t even know if you can shut it off. I had thousands of end of the world scenarios, some including the end of the universe.

So I talked him out of that and he became a wonderful teacher for middle school and high school students (they call the grades something different in the UK). What a wonderful fun filled life he would have. His version is he wanted to stay close to home, just to be fair.

Now since I did that, you are wondering how I would know if I saved the world. Well let me tell you how I saved the world. Understand it has been years since he started teaching. He could have been years in Switzerland instead.

So the other day we are playing a game called Solar Empires: Rebellion. Suddenly he starts ranting and raving. He tells me he hit the wrong button. BOOM.

Now if he would have been in Switzerland at that moment, we all would have gone BOOM. So as you can see, I saved the world, maybe even the Universe.

I am Remmy Meggs, the unsung, not so super agent, that saved the world from disaster. I do not expect a pat on the back, or the girls of my dreams, or even a yacht. I just wanted someone to know!


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4 Thoughts on “A Tribute to an Unsung Hero

  1. Steven Fritchie on February 16, 2016 at 8:13 am said:

    Whew! What a relief! Now we only have to worry about Trump or Cruz becoming President.

  2. Ha hA HA ha
    So funny, it was only a simple mistake smarty 😛

  3. Just a simple mistake, yep that is what I told my boss after I made a change and the system would not come back up. That has been almost 15 years ago and he still remembers.

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