brainNow, most of you do not know my story, so do not judge me on what you are about to read. My mom is a prankster, sometimes she can be very mean, just ask Pauly.

I finally was able to go to school, actually, it was the second time. We were in Michigan for a few months then moved to New Mexico where  I was actually enrolled in school. I was fourteen and I was very excited. It was a Montessori school grades 1-12. It was basically for kids that just didn’t fit, and I sure didn’t fit.

Although swimming was everything to me, well after my dog and bicycle, I also loved science. One of the books they gave me was a science book. I love that book and spent hours looking at the photos and drawings and reading the captions. If I liked what it said, I read everything I could on it.

Now for the story. There was a photo of a brain in that book. I know so what? But for me it was exciting. I have never seen a brain before. I was so excited, I showed my mom the photo. She said she had seen pig brains and cow brains before. I do not remember what kind of brain was in that photo, but it was huge. Then, of course, I forgot about it – My mom did not forget it.

That summer I went riding almost constantly until Pauly would come home. As I passed the kitchen table that one day, I saw something to this day I regret. There was what looked like a brain on the kitchen table and my mom was getting ready to cook it!

I ignored it, at least I was hoping I was ignoring it and went about my business. My mom was watching me the whole time. Later on, I went to go outside and passed that brain again. This time it had potatoes around it, fresh green twigs of some kind,  and she was getting ready to wrap it in Reynolds wrap.

So I had to ask, “What is that?”

“A brain,” she answered with a straight face.

“Well, I am not eating it.”

She smiled, “Oh no, this is not for you. You will have beefburgers tonight.”

Satisfied I went about my business, until dinner time when she put the cooked brain on the table it was a yucky grey color. She then told me that Tommy’s mom and dad were coming over for dinner, so I needed to put my shorts on. So I put shorts and a t-shirt on and went back to the kitchen. Tommy’s parents were already there. I said where is Tommy? Isn’t he coming over?”

All three adults looked at me like I was nuts. Mom had a scowl on her face and said, “Whose brain do you think we are celebrating?”

I did not eat for several days. As it turns out Tommy was at his grandma’s house, but it was days before I found out.

Happy Halloween! – Remmy 2015

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4 Thoughts on “A special Halloween treat from me to you

  1. I’m sorry, but it was funny! I agree that it was mean, but still.

  2. And I thought her putting bugs in my chocolate was bad….

  3. Mel Leach on January 31, 2018 at 4:57 pm said:

    Poor Tommy!! Do you think he knew they stole his brain before he left to go to his grandma’s house. 😀

  4. Remmy2013 on February 6, 2018 at 12:49 am said:

    Oh Mel, I still have nightmares about this. Of course, it wasn’t Tommy’s brain… I hope but to me, it was a frightening experience.

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