Perfect Timing Book Cover Perfect Timing
Jeffery Smith

Accidentally transported to the future, caterer Crik escapes house-arrest with Tepper, his possible distant descendant. While pursued by volunteer vigilante Voltak, goofball Crik explores Geotopia-where buildings grow, people incorporate animal powers, smart phones know it all, and vehicles defy gravity-seeking clues. If he can discover, understand, and articulate the future's public policy that works right for everybody, he can prove he was their founder, the lone agent of change who put society on its path toward universal prosperity and harmony with nature. If he fails to convince the Futurite Authorities, they wouldn't return their unexpected visitor to the exact second he left-something their law requires-to the moment when a hail of gunfire was bearing down on the luckless caterer and college dropout...would they?

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Perfect Timing by Jeffery J. Smith

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Some people wonder about the future, some dwell on the past, hopefully so they can learn from mistakes. Our protagonist does neither, he is a sarcastic, wisecracking college dropout with his own plans for his life.

I read a lot of books, over ten a month, I rarely can rate them higher than two or three so I do not invest the time to do a review of them. Over one hundred books a month are printed, just about ‘time’. Really it is hardly worth my time, but it is my duty and sometimes an honor to review books.

Which brings us to talk about time. As our current scientists say there is a chance for us to travel back in time, but not forward since that time has not come yet. Yet I found Jeffery Smith’s Perfect Timing much different than the run of the mill time travel book.

The book takes place in the present 2017. That is what you will believe at least, but the future has other plans. Taking present time travel expectations into account, the book actually takes place in our future.

Scientists in that time period want to know who started the idea for their way of life, a very good way of life, something we do not have in 2017. For unknown reasons they zero in on our protagonist. In the process, well let’s just say it was good he was transported into his future… or was it?

You will find many differences in the future, some would say it is bad and others will say it is good. For instance disease is almost completely been wiped out. There are other things that will be up to the reader to decide if they are good or bad.

I found the book to be funny in a sarcastic way and very enjoyable I wish it could have been a longer book! I rate this book a five, because of the writing and the fact that it is different from most time travel books. It is that good! If you love time travel books this is the one to spend your money on. – Remmy Meggs June 2017

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3 Thoughts on “A Review of – Perfect Timing by Jeff Smith

  1. Steven F on July 23, 2017 at 10:06 am said:

    Sounds great! I agree that most time travel novels are too predictable, but this one seems to have an interesting and different tone to it. I will have to look for it.

  2. pauly10 on July 24, 2017 at 11:08 am said:

    If I read books this one would be on my list as it sounds…interesting!

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