Jeremy Ruhl, The Life and Times of Book Cover Jeremy Ruhl, The Life and Times of
Ryan Orr
Historical Action Adventure
RWP Books
Oct 5, 2012
Paperback and Kindle
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Little Boys have secrets, Most secrets don't hurt, Men in high places want this secret - They will Kill for it - The First Book of the Jeremy Ruhl saga! The son of the English explorer Lord Baron Ruhl, Jeremy Ruhl, is lost in America. In the late 1800's The civil war is over, balloons dot the skies of Europe, and a boy begins an adventure! The original masterpiece of Action and adventure as Jeremy Ruhl, raised as a prince, and his friends want to find adventure, their adventure turns into a nightmare because of a secret Jeremy does not even know about, and people will kill for for that secret. 412 Pages of pure action and adventure. Rated YA 10 and up, some mild violence.

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5 stars – A boy and his adventures

By SteveDali69 on January 29, 2016

Format: Paperback Verified Purchase

This book is told from the point of view of the Ruhl family doctor to a reporter who is trying to discover some of the family secrets. Doctor Wright reluctantly agrees to talk to the reporter only after the reporter signs an agreement of confidentiality. Doctor Wright’s story begins with the birth of Jeremy Ruhl and the death of his Native American mother.

Doctor Wright tells the reporter about Jimmy, a boy hired as a lab assistant who eventually befriends young Jeremy. One day while Jeremy, Jimmy, and Jeremy’s cousins, Stefan and Aaron, are walking home through a local tenement, they are accosted by hooligans and Jimmy is killed. Eventually, Jeremy is sent to visit his Native American grandfather and cousins. He is escorted by Buffalo Bill Cody and his grandfather. Unfortunately, the tribe is attacked by the Army, Jeremy’s grandfather is killed at the fort and Jeremy and his cousins, both white and Native American, are forced to try to make there way back home to the Ruhl home. Everyone eventually makes it back safely but find that some things have changed. Jeremy has a new mother and step-brother.

When the baby is kidnapped, the adventures continue. This book is sure to keep kids interested as it is chock full of adventures. Mr. Orr is adept at getting inside of the minds of boys and their reactions to the adventures that they meet. The conclusion of the book is such that a reader will hope for a second volume of Jeremy’s adventures and would be well-rewarded.

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