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mzz-stat example

Example from the Mzz-Stat page

I look at remmymeggs.com about six hours a day and I watch what is going on. Over the past few years I have seen it grow. I am very happy and excited about that. Yet in my head something was not quite right about the numbers I was receiving from the JetPack add on for the site.

Jetpack is by WordPress and it is supposed to give you site the exact hits, viewers, and views to your site. That is great and until two months ago I believed those numbers, except for one thing. I was getting more likes than Jetpack ever produced in numbers. Sometimes those likes were not even on pages Jetpack said they were.

So a couple of months ago I put in an add on called MZZ-Stats. Wow what a difference. It counts each page my viewers look at, and sometimes they will look at two to four other pages while they are here. Now when a page says it has 25 likes, there are over 50 views on that page. Imagine that, and Jetpack says that page only received 2 views. That did not add up at all.

Jetpapck 2 views 25 likes. That alone is impossible

Mzz-Stats Shows 60 views and 25 likes. That seems to be a reasonable amount of likes for a page that got 60 hits. Those are not exact numbers, it is an example of what I have been seeing for years. Mzz-Stats is showing what needs to be shown, and honestly the numbers make sense.

Jetpack fails on counting pages. That is not to say Jetpack is useless, it has some good things in it, however as far as counting, it is apparent it is rubbish.

To sum it up, for the last year I have had a couple of times when I had 10,000 views a month, even though Jetpack said it was about 1000. This month Jetpack says I have about 2200 views to my site. When you can plainly see over 5000 likes posted. Mzz-stats shows I have over 25,283 views at remmymeggs.com and 5600 likes.

I think I will keep on using Mzz-Stats and hope the author continues to upgrade it.




3 Thoughts on “25,283 views and Mzz-Stats

  1. How much do you know about WordPress? I bought a theme for a bowling site and have been working on it. There are some strange things that happen, I put text in but can’t get it to display. Guess I will send a message to the author. It does some neat things like displaying on browers, phones, and tablets.

  2. Remmy2013 on June 2, 2016 at 6:13 pm said:

    Sorry James I just know what deals with this site. I haven’t even detailed my other sites, only this one. The reason? Each theme is different.

  3. Thanks, I just sent an email to the author. Perhaps he can point me in the right direction. It does get frustrating when things you expect to be complicated are real easy to do and what you expect to be the easy part you can’t get working.

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