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Remmy’s Book Review of The Shadowverse

Superheroes. Since the 1940’s every Tom, Dick, Harry, and Jane has been writing about superheroes. Some were kids, most were adults, but they all had super something in their beings. The teen superheroes caught a vague interest in me because I grew up not having any. In fact, I have seen cartoons but never paid attention. I was into action-adventure books. Comics/comiccon/ and such things never interested me and still don’t. Worse yet, when you read a few pages into this book, you find out that the teens are twenty-two years old, and the size of ogres. For those that have been abused by Disney, ogres since the dawn of man have been bullies, warriors or slaves that are over six-foot tall. If you look at the world today, you will not find many world leaders that do not fit the above description, so sad!

Now come on, that is not the normal teen by any sense of the word. Yet these guys are. Moving on the first alert for me was a girl, honestly with red hair.  When the five main characters were over six foot tall, I immediately thought I was reading about a basketball team. To me, these were the bad parts of the book. What is it with red hair in books and movies lately? Just doesn’t seem right to me.

Yet there were a bunch of good parts, excellent parts and a saga that takes you across the galaxy, even I can get into that. What about the antagonist, one that doesn’t lie, always tells the truth… whoa wait, is that possible? And the “good” guys want to stop this sweet person that is trying to save the universe, and mankind from its hateful, selfish self? No way, let him do his thing and save all of us!

Of course, that would not be a very good ending if we were all perfect now, would it? What seems to be at stake here is free will. Free will to kill, rape, torture and starve those you want to get rid of, versus peace and harmony. Am I rooting for the wrong person? Well, of course, I want the “good guys” to win, but at what cost?

This is a book you need to read if you are a superhero fan or not, I give this book four stars out of five, mostly because of the comic book headings and archaic wording, neither of which hurt the storyline.

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Remmy’s Review of ATONE

Atone, 17 February 2019
This is a very rare find. It goes into the background of the Mega Churches, you know where the pastor lives in a mansion, drives a Bentley and has a 65 million dollar airplane. Every one of these pastors start out as good men, well not all of them, they are interested in the money. Yet they can care about the people and the poor.

Someplace along the line they forget that and are just interested in the money, and what they can scam from the poor. I am not pointing fingers at any church, and neither does the movie.

The interesting part of this movie is not the church itself, It is what happens when one man decides to play God, or maybe he is just playing a part that he was destined to. This is a movie where both sides are wrong, but there is a lesson to be learned.

I rate this movie 4 out of 5 stars, and I hope everyone that calls themselves Christian watches it.

Where the Wild Thing’s Live??

Everybody knows Remmy takes a camera wherever he goes, but I’m sure he wasn’t expecting to see this on his travels.

Obviously, Roswell is renowned for its stories of aliens and other weird things. but this sight was really strange. Can you imagine seeing this creature roaming in your neighbourhood? And worse still, imagine if there were more than one there?

The funny thing is, he never saw any other wild animals on his travels this day so it does make you wonder who is highest on the food chain now…

PaulM and StevenF Review of Velvet Buzzsaw

The film Velvet Buzzsaw was released on February 1, 2019. It is a horror/thriller about what happens when the art of a reclusive artist is promoted by greed. The artist wanted his work destroyed, but a neighbor of his uses it for her own enrichment. Jake Gyllenhaal plays a bisexual art critic, Rene Russo is a art promoter, and John Malkovich is an ex-alcoholic artist who is losing his talent.

All of the actors portrayed their characters very well, but the subject matter was not very interesting. The movie started out slow and the portrayal of this select group of people did not do much to make the film relatable. The murder scenes were interesting and the CGI was well done.

This is definitely an, excuse the pun, “art house” movie. The cinematography was excellent but overall, I would only give this 3 stars.

I too found the start a little slow but it certainly improved throughout. Once the actual ‘action’ began I found it really good and Gyllenaal portrayed his character really well I thought. It did prove that when people become rich and famous they can change completely and sometimes act like spoilt-brats if they are not getting there own way or people are not treating them how they think they deserve to be treated.

I found the story to be original and if you can get over the first half-hour it becomes enjoyable. I rate this 4 stars.