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Remmy’s Review of ALPHA

Alpha Aug 2018 Although a boy and a wolf story more than interest me, that is not why I wanted to see this film. I wrote a book about a boy and a dog, and I wanted to make sure this did not come close to my book. I am happy to say there was no resemblance to what I wrote. See:

What the viewer needs to understand is that wolves became a part of humanity over a period of thousands of years, maybe hundreds of thousands of years, and each tribe, if you wish to call it that, let wolves adopt them at many different times, and continents as well.

This movie takes place after the fall of the garden of paradise and the loss of the tree of life. Before then according to the Bible, animals walked together with man and they could mentally speak to each other. Some say verbally but I am not buying into that. Yet they did walk together in harmony.

This is a sad, but happy film of the tribulations man put up with at the end of the last ice age and how one boy and a wolf changed history for their people.

I rate this 5 out of 5 stars and could find no fault with it. Great photography, great directing and acting. It should have won several awards but it did not. Some say there was not enough language to make the grade. I disagree. In the old times, people did not have a lot of ways to express themselves, that took several millennia to establish what we today call language.