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StevenF Review of A.X.L.

The film A.X.L. was released on August 24, 2018. A.X.L. is a robotic war dog which escapes from Craine Enterprises when an experiment goes wrong. It is found by Miles (Alex Neustaedter), an aspiring dirt biker. The two are linked but the military wants A.X.L. back. Miles gets some help from the daughter (Becky G.) of his rival’s (Alex MacNicoll) housekeeper.

The film flows along at a good pace, but there are some aspects that don’t make sense. If you’re into dirt biking then I’m sure you will enjoy the first 40 minutes of the film. All it does is establish that Miles’ rival is a major douche who never really learns his lesson. The acting wasn’t horrible and the interaction between Miles and A.X.L. is likable. This is another film that uses 20 year olds to play teenagers which is not very convincing in most movies. The idea of a robotic dog used as a weapon by the military is not exactly original.

I wasn’t bored by the movie, but some of the holes in the story were irritating. I wouldn’t bother watching it again, though. I give it 3 stars out of 5, because I like dogs and the mannerisms of A.X.L. were endearing.

Remmy’s Review of ALPHA

Alpha Aug 2018 Although a boy and a wolf story more than interest me, that is not why I wanted to see this film. I wrote a book about a boy and a dog, and I wanted to make sure this did not come close to my book. I am happy to say there was no resemblance to what I wrote. See:

What the viewer needs to understand is that wolves became a part of humanity over a period of thousands of years, maybe hundreds of thousands of years, and each tribe, if you wish to call it that, let wolves adopt them at many different times, and continents as well.

This movie takes place after the fall of the garden of paradise and the loss of the tree of life. Before then according to the Bible, animals walked together with man and they could mentally speak to each other. Some say verbally but I am not buying into that. Yet they did walk together in harmony.

This is a sad, but happy film of the tribulations man put up with at the end of the last ice age and how one boy and a wolf changed history for their people.

I rate this 5 out of 5 stars and could find no fault with it. Great photography, great directing and acting. It should have won several awards but it did not. Some say there was not enough language to make the grade. I disagree. In the old times, people did not have a lot of ways to express themselves, that took several millennia to establish what we today call language.

Remmy’s Review of Mile 22

Mile 22, August 17, 2018, If you are looking for a movie where the good guys win, then this is not your cup of tea. Of course, who are we? Mere mortals to decide who is good and bad. Really isn’t that what everything comes down to?

Action from the word go, this film had me on the edge of my chair. In some places, I almost fell off my chair it was that intense. This action, adventure, thriller is rated R for good reasons. A lot of blood and some gore.

Mark Wahlberg played one of the lead characters. Lauren Cohan (Maggie from The Walking Dead) John Malkovich and other lesser-known greats. So what did I find bad about this film, Nothing! Even the martial arts was right on, none of this unbelievable stuff you see out of China these days.

Although I don’t care for R rated films, I have to give this 5 stars out of 5. Watch it, Buy It!

Remmy’s Review of What Still Remains

What Still Remains 14 August 2018, If any of you have watched The Walking Dead or seen or read Stephen King’s book The Stand, just combine the two and condense them and you have this run of the mill movie. On the other hand you may enjoy it more than I did.

There are two groups involved here, the bad Christian Cult, and the bad… well I don’t know what to call them. Both are trying to gain followers, and both murder and rape people. Par for the course.

I rate this movie a whopping 2 out of 5 stars and that is pushing the limit, but like I said – you may enjoy it.

Remmy’s Review of The Meg

The Meg 10 August 2018, Staring Jason Statham and I mean many other edibles. I for one do not swim in fish poo and pee water, but there are those that love it. A nice clean swimming pool is the only way for me.

I thought no way, just another shark movie, but this wasn’t made by SyFi Chanel so let’s give it a look. I guess the thing that bugs me about almost all movies like this is the scientists that seem to know everything, but fail to realize if there is one “new’ Species, a few hundred million years old, then you can bet there are plenty more of them.

The movie may have a few silly blunders like that but overall it was an enjoyable fish poop movie, after all after the sharks eat you, they poop! The second thing that bothers me is that if you are something new in MY territory, you can bet you are on my radar and you are probably going to be killed. So the first thing you do is find out how I know you are there and stop whatever you are doing. Sadly this was lacking through the whole movie.

The whole cast did well at acting, the directing was good, the photography and CGI were outstanding, the music score, well it could have been better. This was filmed off the coast of Australia and New Zealand, very close to some fine restaurants. I give this 4 out of 5 stars, you won’t miss anything if you do not watch it, but if you like to see people getting eaten, and over the top scare scenes then this is the movie for you. Cannibals will really love it I suppose, won’t you??