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Remmy’s Review of Corbin Nash

Corbin Nash, April 2018, If you love vampire movies you are sure to like this. The premise is that the original vampires were angels sent from heaven to inherit the earth. At that point they are demons. According to the movie that is exactly what happened. Not sure where the teeth came from.

There is no gore, but there is plenty of blood. Corbin Nash (played by Englishman Dean Jagger) our protagonist is a cop whose parents were murdered at a baseball game. Overall the movie is action packed if you can get over the vampires, and senselessness of it all. I didn’t even know the English played baseball.

The vampires really like street fighting, to tenderize the meat I presume. None of that is shown, so you cannibals are out of luck.

Corey Feldman, who I did not recognize at all, plays Queenie… a part I sure would not have played but I guess money is money to some people. I do have to give kudo’s here, he did it well.

There are a couple of other big name stars in it, you will have to figure which is tho (without looking it up on IMDB!)

Do my best to get over the stupidity of the infamous vampire genre I found it hard to give this movie 3 stars, but i did, just because you guys will rip my throat out and leave me to die if I don’t. 3 out of 5 stars. I will not watch this again nor will I buy the movie. But the title and graphics were cool!

Paul’s review of The Humanity Bureau

Humanity Bureau is a Canadian science fiction film released on 6th April 2018 and stars Nicholas Cage as Noah Cross, a government agent tasked with relocating people who are no longer contributing to society after the war that has devastated America’s lush resources. They are promised a new life at New Eden where they can live a meaningful existence again. On one visit, he meets a mother and her son, Lucas, who are desperately trying to avoid being relocated following rumours that the New Eden project is not what it is promised to be. He seems to bond with the family, particularly the boy, and he delays submitting his report to allow Lucas to perform in his school recital. His boss is concerned by this and warns Noah but also starts to covertly investigate him. Meanwhile, Noah also starts to make investigations into the Eden Project.

This was a really good story and the acting was great throughout, you could really feel the tension building and some scenes were upsetting. It will make you think what would happen should the worse happen to our fragile planet due to humanity’s incompetence. The movie is rated R/15 (PG-13) for violence as there is quite a lot of blood. I really enjoyed this movie and would rate it a strong 4 out of 5. I wouldn’t add it to my collection but I would watch it again.